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The Ayn Rand Bookstore (formerly Second Renaissance Books) is your source for books and lectures for those interested in Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism.

Live Rent-Free For Life by Scott Gardner

Scott Gardner made the mistake of becoming a landlord in New York City without realizing the inhuman treatment he would receive by the rent control bureaucracy.

The Ultimate Resource By Julian Simon

Simon rejects the view that economic production is depleting the earth of natural resources. He argues that the “Ultimate resource” is human inventiveness— and that this asset is never exhausted.

In Pursuit of Reason the Life of Thomas Jefferson by Noble E. Cunningham, Jr.

Forever in pursuit of reason, Jefferson was convinced that the ideas of natural rights and constitutionally limited government would universally prevail, and that human learning and progress would continue unimpeded. Cunningham captures this spirit—a distinctively American spirit— magnificently in this highly recommended biography.

Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News

Bias by Bernard Goldberg meticulously documents what everyone outside the media and the Left establishment knows - that news coverage has a left-wing bias. Even more, this book makes clear the critical role the news media play in our lives, and the life-threatening...

Books: The Life and Legend of Jay Gould by Maury Klein

The bribes Gould supposedly handed out to the government officials for special favors were in fact paid to legislators to repeal government controls, such as the ‘laws that fixed the rates his railroads could charge.

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