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The Ayn Rand Bookstore (formerly Second Renaissance Books) is your source for books and lectures for those interested in Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism.

Books: The Biological Basis of Teleological By Harry Binswanger

This is an original, comprehensive treatise in the field of philosophy of science.

C. Bradley Thompson on John Adams and The Spirit of Liberty

C. Bradley Thompson is the Chairman of the Department of History and Political Science at Ashland University in Ohio. He received his Ph.D at Brown University. He has also been a visiting fellow at Harvard University, a John Adams Fellow at the University of London,...

The Wealth Creators by Gerald Gunderson

The Wealth Creators by Gerald Gunderson

The radical nature of this book is fully captured by its title. For it is Gunderson's theme that wealth is created—not stolen, exploited or simply stumbled upon. He argues that creative thinking is what underlies the act of creating wealth. To defend this thesis, the...

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