Antony Davies

Antony Davies is an associate professor of economics at Duquesne University and co-host of the weekly podcast Words & Numbers.

The Malthusian Contradiction

Specific resources are limited. There’s only so much oil, land and water. But resources, in general, are unlimited — or rather, limited only by human ingenuity.

Six Myths About Student Loan “Forgiveness”

The reality is that a college degree is either valuable or it isn’t. If it’s valuable, it will pay for itself. If it’s not valuable, no one should pay for it. Either way, there’s no reason for the government to be involved.

The Way Out of the Social Security Mess

A plan to shut down Social Security without cutting benefits to existing retirees or raising payroll taxes on existing workers, leaving everyone better off.

The Beginning of the End

We’ve reached the end of the road and found that the people who must ultimately pay for unlimited government are us. And whether through taxes or inflation, pay we will.

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