Amy Peikoff

Amy Peikoff, J.D., Ph.D., is a philosopher and lawyer who blogs at She is currently writing a book, "Legalizing Privacy: Why and How," which discusses the value of privacy for the virtuous life and the proper means of protecting it.

Say “No” To Vaccine Mandates for Young Children

Our children are the most vulnerable minority. It is wrong to force them to risk their physical health and wellbeing as part of a scientific experiment, because we adults are afraid of what a virus will do to us.

Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

It may be true that revealing information about the NSA’s methods — some of which it uses legitimately — could make a terrorist’s job easier. But if revealing those methods is necessary to alert the American people to the injustice committed by the NSA, then so be it.

Leave Us Alone Mr. Obama

No, President Obama, I don’t ask the government to make my life easier. I just want government to stop making it harder. After enduring a week of terrible news, we were blessed today with yet another speech by our President. And the only way to endure that is,...

No Compromise

?Today former President Bill Clinton held an impromptu press conference in order to support the tax-cut deal that Obama reached with some Republicans. The mainstream media is already speculating that the circumstances of the conference, the demeanor of Obama and...

Further Arguments Against the NYC Mosque

Publisher's Note: Above artwork of Bosch's "Towering over Islam" is courtesy of: the last couple of weeks Objectivists have been debating whether our government should interfere with the construction of a...

Downey Supporters Only Half Right

Award-winning actor Robert Downey Jr. has been arrested again. Before Tuesday's arrest on drug charges, he already faced the possibility of nearly five years in prison for charges stemming from his arrest last November in Palm Springs. Now state officials have...

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