Wayne Dunn

Wayne Dunn writes about political and cultural events from an Objectivist perspective.
Free Trade vs. The Folly of Protectionism

Free Trade vs. The Folly of Protectionism

Protectionism fully implemented across all industries would mean a lower standard of living, because it would result in capital and labor unnecessarily being diverted into the production of goods that could more economically be produced elsewhere.

Other People’s Wealth Benefits All of Us

The presidential hopefuls' common promise to "repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy" is the campaign trail one-liner garnering the most empty-headed applause. It's simply false that only the rich benefit from the tax cuts, as any non-rich person who got money back...

Wesley Clark’s Opportunism

I met Wesley Clark, now a presidential candidate, in 1992 when I was an army lieutenant attending the Officer Basic Course. The then-2 star general came to Ft. Knox, KY to address our graduating class. General Clark was charismatic, personable and gave a motivating...

It’s a Commercial Life

Whenever I hear that familiar Yuletide condemnation "Christmas is too commercial," I recall George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life" wishing he'd never been born. For just as he didn't realize the positive impact he'd had on others, the anti-commercial brigade doesn't...

A Commercialized Christmas Carol

A Commercialized Christmas Carol

Profits, not prophets, allow Christmas giving– and year-round living. The dollar sign, not mystical icons, deserves to top one’s tree.

A New Prescription For Cutting Costs

The solution to the high cost of prescription drugs, we are told by Democrats and Republicans alike, is more government intervention. Well, if we're going to use government muscle to lower our medical expenses, why not go all the way? Thus my proposal: Outlaw...

Capitalism and Survival of the “Weakest”

Capitalism and Survival of the “Weakest”

Capitalism is sometimes disparaged as "dog eat dog," a system of "cutthroat" competition and "survival of the fittest." Such characterizations, however, have little to do with truth. "Dog eat dog" better describes conditions under anti-capitalist regimes. In communist...

The Best Defense is a Superior Offense

Some say our "War on Terror" should consist mainly of bolstering security here at home, not military action abroad. But "homeland security" is no more the answer to Islamic terrorism than smoke alarms is to arson. Fighting back-- not dodging blows-- is the chief...

Does Capitalism need Civilizing?

QUESTION: "Do you think socialism was able to 'civilize' or 'tame' capitalism by 1914? Or do you think that capitalism did not need to be 'civilized' or 'tamed'." ANSWER: First we must define our terms. Socialism is state ownership of the means of production....

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