Thomas A. Bowden

Thomas A. Bowden, author of The Enemies of Christopher Columbus, is a  writer for the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, CA. The Institute promotes Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Thomas A. Bowden practices law in Baltimore, Maryland.

Assisted Suicide: A Moral Right

Conservatives crave to inject religion into the bloodstream of American law, thereby assisting in our own national suicide. However, they cannot succeed without the Supreme Court’s consent. Sooner or later, the Court must confront the main issue, and decide whether an individual’s right to life includes the right to commit suicide.

The Faith-Based Attack on Rational Government

America was established for a secular purpose: the protection of individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution neither mentions God (except to forbid religious tests for public office) nor imbues government with any religious purposes.

No Apology to Indians

American Indians should refuse to be regarded as a race of helpless victims entitled to a collective apology from their fellow citizens.

Assisted Suicide: A Moral Right

In the end, only the Supreme Court can thwart the designs of conservatives who, by injecting religion into the bloodstream of American law, seek to assist in our own national suicide.

Columbus Day: The Cure for 9/11

On Columbus Day, in sum, we celebrate Western civilization with the utter certainty that it is good according to an objective standard: man’s life. America therefore deserves to prevail against the religious totalitarians who would destroy industrial civilization and return mankind to the Stone Age.

Assisted Suicide: A Moral Right

If a doctor is willing to assist in the suicide, based on an objective assessment of his patient’s mental and physical state, and on objective evidence of his patient’s consent, the law should not stand in his way.

The Lure of Baseball

In a world of life-and-death conflicts, spectator sports give us a “time-out”–an opportunity to relax and celebrate human skill, dedication, and success in a spirit of simple joy.

Assisted Suicide: A Moral Right

There is no rational, secular basis upon which the government can properly prevent any individual from choosing to end his own life.

Blacklists Are Not Censorship

There is no such thing as “private censorship.” It is only when government uses its coercive powers to inhibit speech that censorship occurs.

A Supreme Court Overview: Our Pragmatic Court Does Not Protect Individual Rights

The Supreme Court was designed to protect these sacred rights against incursion by government. If Congress or any state enacted a law that infringed upon rights, the Court, under the power of judicial review, was to strike it down. The Court was to be the individual’s last line of defense against tyranny — the tyranny of unlimited majority rule.

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