Sylvia Bokor

Sylvia Bokor is an artist and writer. You can read more of her writings on her blog.

Right-To-Work is an Inalienable Right

While individuals have a right to organize, they do not have the right to violate other people’s rights, forcing them to join their organization.

Part II: The Bumpy Road toward Individualism

Individualism began as a doctrine implicit in the Ancient Greek view of man, best captured in their art and in Aristotelian philosophy. That view consisted essentially of reality being knowable and the base of all knowledge, and of man as a heroic being. Such a view...

Part I: The Bumpy Road To Individualism

With the rise of the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt (between c. 5000 and 4000 BCE), men’s social groupings expanded. Previously, the social groupings of prehistoric man had slowly developed from family to clan to tribe. The advent of the Neolithic...

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