Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson is a policy analyst for Latin America at The Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based public policy research institute.

Lift the Cuban Travel Ban, Help the Dictator Castro

Members of Congress who want to lift the U.S. ban on travel to Cuba -- and there are many -- aren't motivated by a desire to help its infamous dictator Fidel Castro. They simply want to stop "imposing limits on the American people's right to travel," in the words of...

Starve the Castro Regime, Help the Cuban People

Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte and other like-minded celebrities can cozy up to Fidel Castro all they want. But we deserve better from members of Congress. Just a few weeks ago, Castro locked up 75 dissidents and executed three Afro-Cubans accused of hijacking. Yet,...

How to Preserve Communism in Cuba – Lift the Travel Ban

How to Preserve Communism in Cuba – Lift the Travel Ban

Some members of Congress seem desperate to ease the ban on United States tourist travel to Cuba because they think flooding the island with American vacationers will hasten dictator Fidel Castro's downfall or produce windfall profits for U.S. businesses....

Venezuela: A New Junket for Jimmy Carter

Former President Carter, who often found good things to say about some of the world’s worst dictators, may not be the best person to sniff out the truth. His own willingness to excuse leftist governments that try to guarantee citizens economic privileges in place of political rights may also blind him to the wreckage that populism has left in this oil-rich but poverty-stricken nation.

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