Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is director of Jihad Watch.

New Yorker's Attack on Heroic Freedom Fighter Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an ex-Muslim who is guarded round-the-clock because of Islamic jihadist threats to murder her. She is also a fearless champion of human rights and especially the rights of women who suffer under the institutionalized discrimination mandated for them...

Why There Should Be No Mosques at Ground Zero

Now that it has been revealed that not one, but two mosques are planned for the area around Ground Zero, the supremacist and triumphalist character of this effort is clearer than ever. Is the Muslim population of lower Manhattan so huge that one projected...

Big O in Islamic Wonderland

Has the latest annual report from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) caused any cognitive dissonance in Washington? It should have: ten Muslim countries were among the 13 designated by the USCIRF last Thursday as Countries of...

Sharia Law: Coming to An American Law Court Near You?

Sharia is a complex and comprehensive unity that traditional Muslims believe to be the unalterable law of Allah. To open the door to one aspect of it is only to open the door to the rest — which inevitably will result in the institutionalized subjugation of women and non-Muslims, and the extinguishing of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.

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