Richard Parker M.D.

Richard Parker is a practicing emergency physician. He holds a BA from Brown and MD from Yale University, has published in the scientific/professional literature and has written Op-eds for the Ayn Rand Institute and Capitalism Magazine. He is owner and moderator of, a philosophical discussion forum.

The “Federal Health Board:” Another Scheme to Ration Healthcare

Tom Daschle, President-elect Obama's nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, has big plans for healthcare.  Mr. Daschle has proposed a new "Federal Health Board," an agency that would have unprecedented powers over the healthcare industry.  This...

Socialism: Clinton’s Health Care Legacy

Bill Clinton is not leaving quietly, certainly not when it comes to health care. In a Presidential and Congressional election year and in a cultural climate where the public has been "educated" to believe that health care is an entitlement, Clinton is again...

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