Richard E. Ralston

Richard E. Ralston is Executive Director of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine.

The Dangers of Government Medicine

We are all in danger when politicians enforce Big Government Medicine–the primary goal of which is its own health and preservation.

Corporate Tax Inversion: In Praise of Avoiding Taxes

This new political campaign against corporate inversion, therefore, is really an assault on a remaining freedom through which private citizens attempt to retain more of the wealth and income they have produced and earned in the market. It is a campaign to keep the American people captive behind a fiscal Berlin Wall over which there is to be no escape.

Obamacare Ruins More Than Health Care

Obamacare will harm us on a broader scale, as the underlying nature of the health law’s provisions, and the tactics used to implement them, affect all areas of public and business policy.

Health By Government Permission

Government involvement in medical care does not ensure better care but leads to its degradation, while making it less available and more expensive. Like Obamacare, the FDA actually threatens our health.

Obamacare vs. Reality

We might take a moment to contemplate where the Affordable Care Act would now be if its major programs were to be held to actual financial sustainability before they could be implemented. In fact, one key program of Obamacare collapsed nearly two years ago. President...

The Hydra of Government Medicine

Yet the relationship between doctors and patients is increasingly under attack by a relentless government. A hydra-headed monster of multiple agencies at all levels is poisoning the practice of medicine. While Obamacare diverts our attention, another head rears toward our medical care.

Dealing with Obamacare

Seven years in the U.S. Army provided me with a rather useful education. On one occasion, at age 19, a few minutes after being admitted to an army hospital with strep throat and a fever of 104 degrees, I was told by a hospital orderly to get out of bed and sweep the...

The Separation of Medicine and State

The federal government in general, and the Food and Drug Administration in particular, increasingly inject themselves into direct control of every medical practice. The FDA is aggressively moving past its lock on the approval of every medication and all medical...

The Legislative Remedy to Obamacare: Principles or Politics?

Long ago, Thomas Paine wrote in Common Sense, "We have it in our power to begin the world anew." In that spirit the time has now come for Congress to throw out government medical policy and start over. We can at least take comfort that the U.S. Supreme Court decision...

The Redistribution of Your Health

For most of the history of our republic, the purpose of taxation was to provide funding for the functions of government that are basic and necessary. Decades ago we began to depart from that and move aggressively in another direction. The government is now using tax...

Asking the Government for Permission to Live

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has gone to court to prevent the Colorado-based firm Regenerative Sciences from using stem cells developed in one part of your body (bone marrow) to repair damage in other parts of your body, such as joints. The FDA objects to...

The "One Percent" We Should Really Fear

There is a great threat to medical care in America from a small group of our fellow citizens. They are not the top one percent of the wealthy, but a group of elitists and their allies who see government power as the means to determine what every American is allowed to...

2012: The Year To Save American Medicine

During the coming year, the threat to freedom will proceed on multiple fronts. Each will require specific action. We are rapidly running out of time to prevent the destruction of the quality, availability and freedom of American medicine, and our best and last chance...

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