Norbert Michel

Norbert Michel, Ph.D., is a policy analyst in the Center for Data Analysis at The Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based public policy institution. (

Support Free Speech? You Should Be Rooting for Elon!

Those who support a culture of reason should be rooting for Elon Musk’s Twitter to succeed.

Budget, Deficit, Threatens Economic Freedom

As soon as President Bush released his 2005 budget, critics from both sides of the political aisle were fighting mad. On the left, the budget was pilloried for allegedly catering to the rich while destroying programs such as childcare and housing assistance. On the...

The Great Deficit Mystery and Cutting Taxes

Can we afford a big tax cut right now? That's what the arguments against the president's $726 billion proposal boil down to, really. The fact that we've been at war, that the economy remains sluggish, that we've returned to deficit spending -- all amount to a concern...

Tax Cuts Benefit Economy

Tax Cuts Benefit Economy

"We've never cut taxes in time of war," Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., said last week as he voted to halve President Bush's tax-cut proposal. Even if that were true - the Kennedy tax cut, for example, dropped the top marginal rate to 70% from 91% and took effect during the...

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