Michael Berliner

Dr. Berliner is the senior advisor to the Ayn Rand Archives. He was the executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute from its founding to January 2000.

Why Rent Control is Immoral

Rent controls don't work, and its advocates know it. Rent controls create shortages and decrease the quality of housing. Yet the activists for rent control don't care that it doesn't work. They -- and much of the public -- think that rent controls are "humanitarian."...

Did Christopher Columbus “Discover” America?

Did Christopher Columbus “Discover” America?

Columbus Day approaches and this year has a special meaning. Christopher Columbus is a carrier of Western Civilization and the very values attacked by terrorists on September 11. To the "politically correct," Columbus Day is an occasion to be mourned. They have...

Diversity and Multiculturalism: The New Racism

by Michael S. Berliner, Ph.D., and Gary Hull, Ph.D. Is ethnic diversity an "absolute essential" of a college education? UCLA's Chancellor Charles Young thinks so. Ethnic diversity is clearly the purpose of affirmative action, which Young is defending against a...

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