Matt Lawton

Matt Lawton is a Political Science and Creative Writing double major at Knox College.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

While the nation debates the future of Corporation for Public Broadcasting, I have one question: Is it becoming increasingly obvious to anyone else that there are moral and practical flaws in a publicly financed media? Since its inception in 1967, the Corporation for...
The Destruction of “Social Security”

The Destruction of “Social Security”

It is time Americans stop fearing self-reliance and start taking personal responsibility for their finances. It is also time the government stops patronizingly telling them they won’t survive on their own.

Live 8: Bob Geldof’s Immoral Sense of Entitlement

In the tradition of modern celebrities, Bob Geldof has decided to lecture the world on the virtues of altruism and sacrifice. That lecture is Live 8. The website states that there are, "10 concerts, 100 artists, a million spectators, 2 billion viewers, and 1...

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