Larry Wortzel

Larry Wortzel is director of the Asian Studies Center at the Heritage Foundation ( Originally published in The Washington Times (01/11/00)

China War on Space-Based Weapons

August 11, 2003 | | What is China's position on space-based weapons? Considering the gap between what officials in Beijing say and what they do on the issue, it's hard to get a straight answer. But let's look at the facts. For some time now, China has spearheaded an...

Unfiltered Intelligence

Who knows more about the latest Hollywood blockbuster -- the people who read the reviews or the people who see the movie? The second group, obviously. The others must depend on the reviewer, who decides what's worth going to see and what isn't. Second-hand information...

Dealing with the China-Taiwan Puzzle

As the guarantor of regional security in Asia, the United States should be paying closer attention to the military buildup and strident anti-Taiwan rhetoric of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Other nations may be able to dismiss these threats as just another...

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