Jay Allen

Jay Allen is a contributing writer to Capitalism Magazine.

Soccer Moms Could Teach Indian Ocean Nations Something About Communication

It has been said that lack of communication lies at the bottom of most human problems. This is certainly true of what will likely become [one of] the largest human tragedies in recorded history, the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. The U.S. Geological Survey and its 120...

Janet Reno: Rank Amateur

Dear Miss Reno:You've had some impressive victories lately. With a single press announcement, you've made Microsoft a marked company, targeted for the crime of promoting "unfair competition" - all because it insists that parts of its operating system be packaged with...

Mourning Bill Gates

Many people have wondered: Will the death of Mother Theresa be mourned as greatly as the death of Princess Diana? But personally, I have wondered how many people would mourn the loss of Bill Gates.The philosopher Ayn Rand taught us that man's highest moral ideal is...

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