James L Gattuso

James L. Gattuso is a research fellow in regulatory policy at The Heritage Foundation (www.heritage.org), a Washington-based public policy research institute.

Use Bankruptcy Courts Not More Financial Regulation

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help." Ronald Reagan considered those nine words the most terrifying in the English language. And the government has been offering a lot of such help lately. Most recently, of course, is the trillion-dollar health care bill...

Privatize the US Postal Service

In July, sports fans were treated to the spectacle of Lance Armstrong racing to his fifth Tour de France victory. The event, improbably, brought widespread attention to the U.S. Postal Service, whose logo was plastered across Armstrong's jersey. It remains to be seen...

Bailing Out Non-Performing Airlines

As U.S troops rushed into Baghdad last month, American politicians rushed toward a very different objective: Bailing out the ailing airline industry.Hard hit by a quartet of calamities -- recession, terrorism, war and SARS -- airline executives warned of financial...

Americans with Disabilities Act vs. The Internet

Common sense may seem in short supply in today's litigation-happy world, but it got a boost recently from -- of all places -- Florida, where a federal judge tossed out a lawsuit claiming that Southwest Airlines' Web site violated the Americans with Disabilities Act....


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