Gus Van Horn

Gus Van Horn is a scientist residing in Houston, Texas. He is the author of a popular pro-reason, pro-individual rights political and cultural blog.

Can Regulation Ever Be Reasonable?

In the big picture, the best way for the government to protect my safety would be for it to protect my freedom to look after myself.

State Investing, Not ESG, Is the Political Problem

State Investing, Not ESG, Is the Political Problem

The problem isn’t so much that a company takes ideological considerations into account in its business practices so much as that governments — such as state-run pension funds — are imposing ideological agendas on businesses via this financial control.

Central Planning vs. Vaccination

Central Planning vs. Vaccination

Medical freedom for all would and should include insurance rates and employment contracts that accounted for avoidable risks. And such freedom ends where another person’s reasonable risk ends.

“Fairness” in Search Results?

In case anyone needed reminding that conservatives are not interested in a free economy: An attorney with a prominent conservative Christian group says he is troubled by the recent announcement that the popular Internet search engine Google has dumped news sites...

Standing up to Kelo; Surrendering to Jihad

Suppose I knew that one man was a magistrate and another was a terrorist, but I had to pick out the terrorist on sight. If I chose the man in the powdered wig over the man in the kefiyah, you would think me daft. And yet our news media have been making a mistake of...

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