Greg Shoom

Greg Shoom is a software developer in Toronto, Canada. He is not associated professionally with Microsoft, except as a satisfied customer.

Atlas Shrugged Movie Producer Harmon Kaslow Responds to Criticisms

Devoted fans of the perennially best-selling novel about the productive vs. the destructive, have expressed disappointment in the filmmakers’ decisions. Producer Harmon Kaslow answers some of those criticisms.

Egalitarianism in Football

The sports section of the November 18th edition of the Globe and Mail (Canada's national newspaper) carried an article about Doug Flutie, the star quarterback of the Toronto Argonauts. The Argos are Toronto's team in the Canadian Football League; they had just won the...

Antitrust Against Justice

Antitrust Against Justice

The suit against Microsoft by the U.S. Department of Justice is, in fact, a grave act of injustice. To understand this, it is necessary to look at the background and legal context of this case. America' antitrust laws are highly ambiguous. They create offenses for...

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