Dana Dillon

Dana Robert Dillon is a senior policy analyst in the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation (www.heritage.org), a Washington-based public policy research institute.

China Threatens U.S. Alliances

While the Bush administration continues to push and celebrate significant successes for democracy in the Middle East, China is on an opposing mission in Asia, where it continues to block the spread of freedom. The most recent target of Chinese diplomatic pressure is...

Bombings in Bali, Indonesia: Self-Inflicted Wounds?

It seems an open-and-shut case to many Americans. Car bombs go off in an entertainment district, leaving 180 dead and many more missing or wounded. It occurs in Bali, Indonesia, a country that has allowed terror groups--some affiliated with al Qaeda--to take root,...

Hypocrisy in Indonesia

If nothing else, give the president of Indonesia credit for impeccable timing. First, Megawati Sukarnoputri snubs Australian leader John Howard at the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Council (APEC) meeting in Shanghai, only to have her husband suffer a heart attack a few...

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