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Santa Claus: The Anti-Christ

Santa Claus is also a symbol of good will, and thus is the appropriate holiday symbol of America, a country that, because of its material prosperity, can inspire good will in all of its citizens.”

One Solution for Education’s Woes: Home Schooling

To counteract the damage caused by Progressive Education, Woiceshyn put together a rigorous program of core academic subjects designed to motivate learning, build a solid foundation of essential knowledge and basic skills, and train logical thinking.

End the Social Security Ponzi Scheme Now

“Social Security’s purpose is not to help you pay for your own retirement, but to force you to pay for your neighbor’s retirement or your neighbor’s parents’ retirement,”

Elian Should Stay Free in America

“If the courts send Elian back to Cuba, it will be a slap in the face to every American living or dead — a repudiation of the very principles upon which this country was founded,” she said.

Bill Gates Failed to Make a Moral Self-Defense

Locke said that the only way Gates can fight government prosecutors is for the Microsoft founder to “assert proudly his right to his own existence — which means: the right to do business not as a public servant but as an individual with inalienable rights.”

Ayn Rand Heir Asserts Elian’s Right to Remain in U.S.

“The liberals want Elián returned to Cuba, because they regard the difference between the United States and Cuba as ‘merely a difference of political opinion,’ merely a matter of ‘how you define freedom.’ In other words, as statists themselves, they see nothing objectively wrong with Cuba.

NAACP Promotes Racism on TV

because they can do the work but because they ‘represent’ their racial group,” said Tracinski.

Tracinski noted that the consequence of the NAACP’s demands will be the unjust branding of every black writer, director, or actor subsequently hired as a quota-filler, and not as an individual who earned his job.

Happy Birthday Ayn Rand!

With the publication of Atlas Shrugged in 1957, Ayn Rand’s position in history — both as novelist and philosopher — was established.

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