Chris Smithe

Chris Smithe is a writer for Capitalism Magazine.

Pacifist Ignorance About Intelligence

Never underestimate the unwillingness of a pacifist to give up on his dogma, no matter how much factual evidence is presented demonstrating the folly in his approach. And, so it has been in the weeks following Colin Powell's intelligence exhibition on Hussein's...

Playing UN “Survivor”

If surviving in the world most fundamentally involves producing the values from nature that are needed to sustain human life, then the hit CBS series, Survivor, hardly lives up to its name. In the current season debut, one exceptional team member, John, found the...

The Chief Executive Officer That Got Away

It is a little ironic, in this recent era of intense focus on CEO accountability and corporate malfeasance, that possibly the single greatest default of responsibility by a Chief Executive Officer in our history is going on today virtually without mention. Ken Lay,...

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