Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips is the founder of the Texas Institute for Property Rights. Brian has been defending property rights for nearly thirty years. He played a key role in defeating zoning in Houston, Texas, and in Hobbs, New Mexico. He is the author of three books: Individual Rights and Government Wrongs, The Innovator Versus the Collective, and Principles and Property Rights. Visit his website at

Altruism Can’t End Homelessness

One of the chief weapons used by the advocates of altruism is guilt.

Eating Up the Usufruct of the Lands

After Standard & Poors (S&P) lowered the credit rating of the federal government, an Obama administration official said, “This is a facts-be-damned decision.” So what are the facts? The facts are: The federal government had “revenues” of $2.16 trillion in 2010...

Self-interest versus Selfishness

[On his show] Rush Limbaugh was speaking about the “invisible hand” described by Adam Smith. It is not out of benevolence, Rush said, that your grocer sells you food. It is the grocer’s self-interest–his desire to feed his family–that motivates him. But, Rush quickly...

A Free Market in Water

A Free Market in Water

Houston–where I live–has been under a severe drought. This year, we have received about one-third of our normal rainfall. In response, the city has enacted water rationing and citizens will be fined if they violate the restrictions. At the same time, the city reports...

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