Baker Spring

Baker Spring is the F.M. Kirby Fellow in National Security Policy at The Heritage Foundation , a Washington-base public policy institute. Distributed nationally on the Knight-Ridder Tribune wire.

Missile Defense: Self Interest vs. Diplomacy

President Bush calls it a "modest" first step. True--but it's one that promises to make Americans much safer in the long run. Specifically, the president's decision to deploy a missile defense means that our total vulnerability to missile attack--yes, total; we could...

Loosing the ABM Handcuffs

The world just became a little safer. Such a statement may sound puzzling in an age of "dirty" bombs and other terrorist threats, but it's true. That's because this June the United States now has officially withdrawn from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, a...

Missile Defense: Shed the ABM Straightjacket!

It's as if Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has hung out a sign at the Pentagon: From now on, U.S. missile-defense policy will be made in accordance with how things are, not with how they used to be. That's the upshot, anyway, of what the secretary said at a...

Bush Should Establish Missile Defense as a National Priority

President Bush should explain to Americans, Congress, and the world why a national missile defense system is urgently needed and how a global missile defense system will help to ensure that no country is held hostage by the threat of attack by missiles carrying...


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