Andy Clarkson

Andy Clarkson is a contributing writer to Capitalism Magazine and runs the blog the Charlotte Capitalist.

The United States Of America And Islam Have Nothing Fundamental In Common

We are in the ongoing war between reason and faith. An American president has just yielded to the enemy.

Dr. John Lewis Interview: Charlotte Tea Party

Andy: Andy Clarkson here with John Lewis of the Charlotte Tea Party, April 15, 2009. John: April 15, Taxes are due today.  Did you not know that? (Laughter) Andy:  Oh, oh. Oh, oh.  Yeah, I heard about that.   I heard rumors.  John,...

Reason, Not Force, As The Basis of Human Interaction

In a recent lengthy discussion with a friend who is an Obama supporter, she wanted to focus upon economics. Her view was that top economists had endorsed Obama. Why was that not enough for me to support him? One, I refused to discuss economics. I explained to her that...

Bill Maher’s Movie Religulous

"Religulous" is a funny, sometimes serious, skeptic's tale of religion. And I mean the true meaning of "skeptic."Bill Maher does a good job of slicing and dicing religion. He travels to the Vatican, Utah, and Israel. Maher identifies the roots of Christian legends...

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