Andrew West

Andrew West is a Contributing Economics Editor for Capitalism Magazine. In 1997 he received the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the Association for Investment Management and Research.

A New Yorker Remembers the World Trade Center

As I quickly walked away, I did not want to look back at its towers, battered and bearing the scars of its evil attackers. I do not want to remember the WTC burning or falling, for that was not its essence.

The Hydra of Protectionism!

This quarter the Clinton administration played the "good cop/bad cop" game. US chief trade representative, Charlene Barshefsky, was the bad cop, menacing Japanese steel producers with threats of punitive measures for "dumping". Robert Rubin played good cop, publicly...

Bureaucracy Goes Global: The World Bank vs Capitalism

Some months back the World Bank issued a report titled "Global Economic Prospects 1998/1999". The report's foreword, written by Joseph Stiglitz, World Bank Chief Economist, is demonstration of how statists blame capitalism and free-markets for the disatrous effects of...

Will the Real Alan Greenspan Please Stand Up?

"An almost hysterical antagonism toward the gold standard is one issue which unites statists of all persuasions. They seem to sense, perhaps more clearly and subtly than many consistent defenders of laissez-faire, that gold and economic freedom are inseparable, that...

G8 and J18: The Carnivals Against Capitalism

June 18th, 1999 was to be a momentous day for global economic progress. It marked the start of the annual "G8" economic summit in Germany. The leaders of the world's seven wealthiest industrialized countries, plus Russia, gathered to propose inventive solutions to the...

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