Journalism vs The Soviet Lie: Gareth Jones vs. Walter Duranty

Welsh journalist Gareth Jones stood for truth. New York Times reporter Walter Duranty stood for lies. Duranty received the Pulitzer Prize. Jones was brutally murdered by the Soviets.

Thank You, Harry Potter!

With a long-term war in progress and threats of further terrorist attacks on American soil, is it mere escapism to go to movies such as Harry Potter? Not at all; such movies provide something just as essential to winning a war as weapons and soldiers. Harry Potter...

When Hollywood Went to War

Once upon a time there was a vicious attack on America — an act of war — and Hollywood’s biggest stars had plenty to say — and do — about it. With the war in Iraq practically over and Hollywood liberals making themselves scarce, it’s time to put Hollywood and war in perspective.

Hollywood’s War on Moralism

Is it possible to take a moral inventory of our culture -- to see, in a single event, what, if anything, the most influential parts of our culture hold as the good? There is an important forum in which we take such an inventory every year at this time -- and broadcast...

Justice for Elia Kazan

Justice for Elia Kazan

Kazan was morally right to inform on these treasonous criminals — to do otherwise would have been to sanction the destruction of his freedom-loving country by its worst enemies.

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