Governments Shouldn’t Be In the Lending Business

Had one of the individuals at the Constitutional Convention said, “Should we write in a power for the government to lend money?” the reply from everyone else would have been “No.”

Biden’s Protectionism Isn’t “All About National Defense”

Biden’s protectionism is overwhelmingly and above all about expanding and cementing his political support by creating rents for special-interest groups.

The Lockdown Caste System

Like Black Lives Matter, the Democratic Party enjoyed an exemption from the lockdown measures.

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International Criminal Court (ICC) Lacks Jurisdiction Over Israel in Gaza

Israel is not Hamas, and the rules of the ICC are not the same for democracies that live under the rule of law and terrorist groups that live under the rule of lawlessness. This distinction is central to the legitimacy of the ICC and its rule of complementarity. Without recognizing it, the ICC would become a partisan “court” of politics rather than a neutral court of objective law.


Instant Stone, Just Add Water: The Pure Magic of Cement

We start with rock, crush and burn it to extract its essence in powdered form, and then reconstitute it at a place and time and in a shape of our choosing. Like coffee or pancake mix, it is “instant stone—just add water!” And with it, we make skyscrapers that reach hundreds of stories high, tunnels that go under the English channel and the Swiss Alps, and bridges that stretch a hundred miles.


The Hong Konger: The Martyrdom of Jimmy Lai

In his quest to save Hong Kong’s rapidly fading freedom, however, Lai has sacrificed his own. The entrepreneur and media mogul currently sits in a Chinese prison, charged with “conspiracy to collude with foreign forces” and “conspiracy to publish seditious publications.”

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