The Left is Vastly More Evil than Religious Conservatives

The worst of Christianity was the Dark Ages. Its best was the Medieval Renaissance. The worst of collectivism was Auschwitz, gulags, and 120 million civilians murdered in a century. There is no best.

The Greatest Threat to Free Speech is Not Big-Tech Blocking, But Government Censorship

Real censorship is when the state uses its legal power to use force to determine the content of speech we should engage in (either by banning non-rights violating speech or forcing one to say things one would not do so voluntarily). If the state can arbitrarily determine what Twitter must post, it goes from being the protector of freedom of speech to its censor.

President Biden’s Push To Force Workers To Join Unions

President Biden’s “closed shop” labor union agenda would rob all those working for a living the liberty and latitude to do so freely and of their own choosing.

Rule-Breaking Politicians Should Be Thrown Out of Office

If politicians do it, it’s always necessary. Rules are for the little people.



Who is Carl Menger?

Who is Carl Menger?

There are few works in the history of economics that may be truly considered “revolutionary” and “path-breaking,” in its starting premises, its logic, and its implications. But one that is in this category is Carl Menger’s Grundsätze der Volkswirtschaftsliche, his Principles of Economics in its English translation, which marks this year the 150th anniversary of its publication in 1871.  




Where is Jack Ma?

Where is Jack Ma?

While we should condemn the Chinese government’s actions, we should also be cautious of rising authoritarian tendencies here at home, whether it’s towards our civil rights or our economic freedom.


The Climate Hustle

The Climate Hustle

Climate change is real. It’s a problem, but I doubt that it’s “an existential threat.” Saying that makes alarmists mad.

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