Destroy the Octopus

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Middle East & Israel

Dealing with Iran’s Proxy War Against the U.S.

It has been known for decades that Iran is at the center of Middle East Terrorism. It supports Islamic terrorist groups in many areas and countries including Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and others.

The support consists of money, weapons (including bombs and missiles), intelligence (based on spying), training, and moral support with Islam at its center.

Think of Iran as a giant Octopus with tentacles spread in every direction. This demonic strategy allows it to get away with spreading dictatorship and death by giving support behind the scenes while others do the dirty work including giving up their own lives in martyrdom.

Western countries have expended all their defensive efforts on fighting the tentacles. When Western allies are attacked, Iran simply supplies more weapons to the terrorists. It is like a whack-a-mole game. This has worked for Iran but not for the West.

Why not? Because Western countries are fearful of upsetting Iran and causing a “wider war.” But the joke is on them. Iran’s tentacle strategy increases the scope of terrorism. A solution requires the destruction of the Octopuses’ head.

People fear this would require a full-scale invasion. It does not. Iran’s GDP is based fundamentally on oil. The simplest solution is to destroy Iran’s oil industry: wells, pumps, storage and refining facilities, and transportation (ships). This could all be done with missiles.

There would be no occupation with troops and no declaration of war It would be no different than bombing Yemen except for the scale. It would have to be planned in total secrecy before the press or the U.N. learned of it and became hysterical. The consequence ideally would be for the tentacles, now even more impoverished, to give up considering that Iran would not be able to send them food or weapons.

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