A Landmark Energy Freedom Resolution from the RNC

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Energy

The Republican National Committee has passed an unprecedented resolution that powerfully advocates for energy freedom in America.

I don’t identify as a Republican or a Democrat, and since 2022 I’ve made it a policy not to support any political party nor anyone’s candidacy for elected office.

However, I am always happy to give praise when anyone from any political party says or does something good in the realm of energy.

And the Republican National Committee (RNC) has just done something great in the realm of energy. It has passed a landmark resolution that powerfully supports the kind of transformative energy freedom platform I have been advocating.

I say “powerfully supports,” because instead of containing empty or least-common-denominator language, it instead contains specific, meaningful language in favor of principled policies and even-handed thinking on climate issues.

Here’s an excerpt my readers might find familiar:

WHEREAS, Fossil fuel energy gives us an unprecedented ability to protect ourselves from the climate, driving down climate disaster deaths by 98% over the last century by powering the technology that protects us against storms, extreme temperatures, and drought;

The official resolution is available here, and I’ve also copied the text below in full.


WHEREAS, Affordable, reliable energy is essential to American and human prosperity because it gives us the ability to use machines to become productive and prosperous; and more affordable and reliable American energy leads to a better economy, a lower cost of living, more well-paid job opportunities, a smaller deficit, and greater national security;

WHEREAS, Fossil fuels are and for the foreseeable future will remain a uniquely affordable, reliable, scalable, and secure source of energy—the only source that can provide plentiful energy to billions of people in thousands of places;

WHEREAS, Energy poverty is a crucial problem at home and abroad, affecting tens of millions of Americans and billions worldwide, including the three billion individuals who survive daily on less electricity than a household refrigerator;

WHEREAS, Fossil fuel energy gives us an unprecedented ability to protect ourselves from the climate, driving down climate disaster deaths by 98% over the last century by powering the technology that protects us against storms, extreme temperatures, and drought;

WHEREAS, America and the world need an energy policy that ensures plenty of fossil fuel energy and fosters promising cost-competitive alternatives like nuclear energy;

WHEREAS, America can enrich itself and empower billions with policies that free human ingenuity to produce energy in as low-cost, reliable, plentiful, and clean a way as possible—while protecting us against harmful emissions and dangerous practices;

WHEREAS, The Biden administration has restricted investment, production, and transport of American fossil fuels on the false promise that they can be rapidly replaced by solar and wind; has shut down reliable power plants and created unprecedented electricity shortages; has sought to excuse their policies from fault by blaming price spikes on “Putin’s price hike,” post-COVID demand, or the supposed greed of oil companies; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That America should take the following steps to promote American prosperity, increase energy security, improve our environment, and enhance the well-being of billions around the world through energy freedom: (1) Liberate responsible development of domestic energy resources; (2) End preferences for unreliable electricity; (3) Reform air and water emissions standards to incorporate realistic cost-benefit analysis; (4) Withdraw from climate agreements that punish America instead of fostering innovation; and (5) Unleash nuclear energy; and

RESOLVED, That the Republican National Committee urges the United States Congress and the White House to advance energy freedom policies that liberate American energy for the benefit of all.

PS As always, if any major political official from any party would like my and my team’s help in supporting energy freedom policies, reach out anytime.

Alex Epstein is a philosopher who applies big-picture, humanistic thinking to industrial and environmental controversies. He founded Center for Industrial Progress (CIP), a for-profit think tank and communications consulting firm focused on energy and environmental issues, in 2011 to offer a positive, pro-human alternative to the Green movement. He is the author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas—Not Less. He is the author of EnergyTalkingPoints.com featuring hundreds of concise, powerful, well-referenced talking points on energy, environmental, and climate issues. Follow him on Twitter @AlexEpstein.

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