Anti-Israel and Pro-Hamas Protests are Not Pro-Palestinian

by | Nov 2, 2023

Anyone who joins these “pro-Palestine” protests or signs their petitions should know what they’re supporting: not the Palestinian people who seek peace but Hamas terrorists who seek to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.
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Despite the headlines about pro-Palestinian protests on university campuses, in cities around the world and on the Arab street, there has not been a single rally that is actually pro-Palestinian. All have been anti-Israel, pro-Hamas, pro-terrorism and often antisemitic.

None has called for a two-state solution. Instead, attendees have chanted about eliminating Jews “from the river to the sea” — which is all of Israel.

The most anti-Palestinian entity in the world is Hamas.

It has killed and exiled elected officials from the Palestinian Authority.

It has stolen food, fuel and medical supplies from the Palestinian people.

It has used Palestinian children and women as human shields.

It has prevented Gaza’s civilians from moving south and away from Israeli bombing.

It has denied Gazans education and religious and political freedom.

It has made life miserable for its people.

It has caused the deaths of more Palestinians than Israel has.

All this was well before the war Hamas started with its massacres, which the terrorist group knew would make things worse for Gazan civilians. Indeed, that was part of its motive in attacking: to force Israel to respond forcefully so the world would see dead Palestinian babies they use as human shields. Now things have gotten much worse and are likely to get even more serious, as Hamas hoards Gaza’s remaining fuel and humanitarian supplies. This is all the fault of Hamas and its puppet master Iran.

It is anything but pro-Palestinian to back the anti-Palestinian policies of Hamas and its supporters. Yet the media persist in calling these vicious anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rallies “pro-Palestinian,” making them seem more positive and acceptable to the public. The same is true of anti-Israel and pro-Hamas organizations such as Students for Justice in Palestine. That group is against justice for Palestinians. It seeks injustice for Israel and Jews. It hides its true beliefs behind a name entirely misleading about its goals and means.

The time has come for good people to understand this is not a conflict between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel people. Many of us are both. We support a peaceful Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. Most Israelis agree the two-state solution is the best — or at least the least-worst — possible outcome. We want a democratic, peaceful Palestinian state that cares about its people’s welfare.

It is precisely this goal Hamas sought to undercut when it sent its murders and rapists into Israel Oct. 7. Hamas realized Israel and Saudi Arabia were on the verge of making a peace that would have required Israel to limit its West Bank settlements and move toward a two-state solution, which would have been good for Palestinians. Such a peace would have been a game-changer. And it would have marginalized Hamas and other terrorist groups that oppose peace and any two-state solution that allows Israel to continue to exist.

This dispute is between a nation that would love to live in peace with its neighbors and gangs of terrorists who would like nothing more than to overthrow all governments in the Middle East and substitute caliphates.

The media must do their job by accurately describing the demonstrations on campuses and streets around the world. Do not label them “pro-Palestinian.” Truth in reporting requires them labeled anti-Israel and pro-Hamas. This will deny students who join these protests and sign letters in support of their goals the excuse many are using, that they were not aware these groups support what Hamas did Oct. 7 and demand Israel’s eradication.

Anyone who joins these “pro-Palestine” protests or signs their petitions should know what they’re supporting: not the Palestinian people who seek peace but Hamas terrorists who seek to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. There can be no doubt Hamas, besides seeking Israel’s destruction, is an antisemitic hate group. It also opposes the rights of women, gays and transgender people as well as freedom of speech and religion. These are all policies progressives and wokes claim to support.

Accordingly, the best proof that those who join the Hamas rallies and sign their petitions are complicit in antisemitism is they are willing to support a group that opposes virtually all their core values, as long as it also opposes Jews and their nation state.

Freedom of speech requires transparency and honesty. By calling these bigoted groups “pro-Palestine” while hiding their true agenda, the media disserves these important interests.

Alan Dershowitz is professor emeritus at Harvard Law School and the author of “Get Trump,” “Guilt by Accusation” and “The Price of Principle.” Active in litigation, writing, and defense of civil liberties and human rights. Visit his substack and follow him at @AlanDersh.

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