Russia’s War in Ukraine

by | Jul 31, 2023

The war in Ukraine is about justice and the future of the West.

Why did Putin invade Ukraine? Why is this war important? What are its consequences for the West?

Since its independence in 1991, Ukraine has been moving politically and culturally toward the West. For Putin, Ukraine is in fact part of Russia, while the West represents weakness, degradation and decadence, and hostility to Russia. Understanding this conflict and its consequences requires philosophical thinking.

In his talk at Objectivist Summer Conference 2023 in Miami, Yaron Brook offers a deep analysis of the meaning of Russia’s war in Ukraine. He argues that Russia’s war is a war against Western individualism and freedom. An ideological version of the war is being fought in America as well.

In an eye-opening part of his talk, Brook explains how Russia and Putin — who claim to stand for traditional values, unlike the “degenerate” West — have appealed to many on the “right” in Western Europe and the U.S. that a Russian victory in Ukraine would strengthen the authoritarian right in the West.

During the Q&A session, Brook addresses questions on various topics, for example:

  • How the war might end and whether Ukraine will regain its territories;
  • The mentality of the Russian people and the nature of Russian culture;
  • Whether military aid for Ukraine is in the U.S. interest;
  • What are the roots of Russian authoritarianism.
Dr. Brook is the president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute.

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