Biden and Trump are Two Faces of Fascism

by | Sep 5, 2022

The only difference between the Biden version of fascism and the conservative version is whose property they seek to control.

Joe Biden recently condemned “far-right extremism,” calling comments made by Republican leaders, including Trump, “semi-fascism.”

Biden is correct to identify the growing elements of fascism within the Republican party. However, he fails to recognize the fascist elements within his own policies. Biden and Trump are two faces of fascism.

In an article titled, “The Fascist New Frontier,” Ayn Rand identified the essence of socialism and fascism:

The main characteristic of socialism (and of communism) is public ownership of the means of production, and, therefore, the abolition of private property. The right to property is the right of use and disposal. Under fascism, men retain the semblance or pretense of private property, but the government holds total power over its use and disposal . . . .

Under socialism, communism, and fascism, property rights do not exist. Under socialism, communism, and fascism, the production and use of material values—property—is controlled by government.

As one example, Biden supports policies that control the production and use of energy. He has denied permits for the Keystone XL pipeline and supported policies that make it more difficult to build natural gas pipelines. He hasn’t seized the property of landowners and fossil fuel companies. However, rather than protect the freedom of individuals and businesses to use their property as they deem best, he has issued mandates and prohibitions to control the use of private property.

Despite their proclamations supporting the free market and property rights, Republicans are increasingly calling for government control of private property. The attacks on Big Tech are but one example. Rather than protect the freedom of Big Tech companies to establish terms and conditions for using their property, Republicans want to dictate what social media companies must allow on their platforms.

The only difference between the Biden version of fascism and the conservative version is whose property they seek to control. They agree that controls and restrictions on private property are appropriate and justified. They just disagree on when, why, and how those controls and restrictions are to be implemented.

Biden went on to claim that Republicans are a threat to American democracy. He conveniently evades the fact that democracy is not the same as freedom. Democracy means unrestricted majority rule, that the majority may impose its values upon the minority. It is worth remembering that Hitler and the Nazis came to power in a democratic Germany.

In terms of essentials, socialism, communism, fascism, and democracy are the same. Each subjugates the individual to the group. Each forces the individual to sacrifice his desires and values to others. Each is a form of statism. Contrary to Biden’s claim, the issue isn’t fascism versus democracy. The issue is statism versus freedom.

Brian Phillips is the founder of the Texas Institute for Property Rights. Brian has been defending property rights for nearly thirty years. He played a key role in defeating zoning in Houston, Texas, and in Hobbs, New Mexico. He is the author of three books: Individual Rights and Government Wrongs, The Innovator Versus the Collective, and Principles and Property Rights. Visit his website at

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