White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci Supports Dictatorship

by | Jul 13, 2022

In his zeal to protect the nonexistent entity known as “the public,” Fauci ignores the individuals who comprise the public. Individuals don’t matter to Fauci or any other would-be tyrant.

In a recent interview, White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci made it clear that he supports dictatorship. Addressing a U.S. district court ruling that struck down travel mask mandates, Fauci said,

I think it’s a bad precedent when decisions about public health issues are made by people, be they judges or what have you, that don’t have experience or expertise in public health…

I was concerned about the principle of having nonpublic health people making public health decisions.

To Fauci, public health officials should have carte blanche. The judiciary should remain silent and allow public health officials to do anything they declare appropriate. A nation that allows government officials to do anything and everything without constraint is a dictatorship. Public health officials are certainly qualified to offer advice, but that advice should be directed primarily to the individuals who comprise the public. They should not be imposing their views on the citizenry. In making his comments, Fauci supports dictatorship.

No rational person would suggest that a doctor should be allowed to force his patient to take a particular drug or undergo a particular surgery against the patient’s wishes. These are decisions that ultimately rest with the individual. He should certainly listen to his doctor and seek a second opinion when appropriate. Each individual is unique in terms of values, medical history, and the many other factors that could play a role in such decisions.

Fauci’s position is that public health officials know what is best for all individuals. Tyrants throughout history have held this view. They believe that individuals should not be free to make decisions about their own lives, but should be forced to act as the despot thinks best.

Fauci’s claim that it was a “bad precedent” for non-public health officials to make public health decisions is akin to a military leader saying that a civilian—the President—should not make military decisions. A truly bad precedent has already been set—permitting experts to dictate how individuals may live.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the same experts that Fauci wants controlling our lives said that lockdowns would only be necessary for a few weeks. We would flatten the curve and then return to normal. The experts were horribly wrong and following their advice has led to disastrous consequences for countless individuals and businesses. When individuals make bad choices, only they and those who associate with them suffer. When the experts can force bad choices on everyone, every individual suffers.

Fauci contends that public health officials should be permitted to do “whatever it takes” to protect “the public.” But “the public” is not threatened by COVID. Individuals are.

In his zeal to protect the nonexistent entity known as “the public,” Fauci ignores the individuals who comprise the public. Individuals don’t matter to Fauci or any other would-be tyrant.

Brian Phillips is the founder of the Texas Institute for Property Rights. Brian has been defending property rights for nearly thirty years. He played a key role in defeating zoning in Houston, Texas, and in Hobbs, New Mexico. He is the author of three books: Individual Rights and Government Wrongs, The Innovator Versus the Collective, and Principles and Property Rights. Visit his website at texasipr.com.

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