The enemy within is a person who accepts a particular political philosophy.  It is “within” because it’s a false premise embedded in his mind and held either consciously or subconsciously.  This false premise motivates his every thought and action.  It is basic to his character.  It boils down to his belief that others must live for him, doing what he says they should do.

If you wonder how and why Retrogrades (AKA “Progressives”) continually urge totalitarianism upon us, three (3) significant factors show us what keeps him going. Keep in mind as you read that the Retrogrades have been active in their efforts to kill this nation for over 100 years.  Only a major confrontation will stop them.  It is why they fear President Trump and have formed what they call #resistance.  They believe he represents that confrontation.

1. Collectivism – In an economic/political context, there are only two ways to view man: (a) either he is an independent consciousness capable of looking after himself and his loved ones, in which case government is his servant and required not to interfere in his choices and decisions OR
(b) he is a dependent consciousness incapable of looking after himself and his loved ones, in which case government is his master and shall set the terms and limits of his choices and decisions, dictating what he shall and shall not do.

In an economic/political context, collectivism in action is socialism.  Both are expressions of the political philosophy known fundamentally as totalitarianism, identified by Hannah Arendt in her classic work of that name.

2. Socialists money – Money donated by Sorors and other omnipotent government advocates and socialists.  For example, The Gates Foundation.  A multitude of similar foundations is seen on any PBS evening News Hour that lists dozens of wealthy foundations that have been taken over by many if not all Progressive views.  For instance, The Rockefeller Foundation, once a bastion of Republican views, now has been almost entirely infiltrated by Progressive views, as witness the sort of ideas and programs they support and advocate.

3. Union support – By oral support in the national and state legislatures, and by financial donations comprising union dues, many of which are forced.  Unions are by definition totally committed to collectivism.  Holding such a view of man, they necessarily advocate and support all programs, laws and proposals that interfere and circumscribe individual’s rights, freedom of choice and speech. Consequently, they, like all Retrogrades, oppose limited government and free markets.

Of these Retrograde basic motivators, the one fundamental is collectivism. It is collectivism that guides and shapes a Rino.  For example, if otherwise well-respected Republicans suddenly support minimum wage laws you can be sure their premise and motive is collectivism.  If an acceptable Republican, such as Dan Lewis, elected to the City Council by genuine Republicans, suddenly abstains from voting on an issue that is obviously omnipotent-government oriented, you can be sure his premise and motive is collectivism.  Although some will say he abstained in order to solicit the union and non-thinkers’ vote in the campaign for Albuquerque Mayor, such an observation while true is actually less fundamental.

He is basically a collectivist and should be shunned.  In fact, since he now faces a Democrat opponent for Albuquerque Mayor, I recommend his opponent, Tim Keller, be voted for.  We would know what to expect from such an administration and could fight it.  Dan Lewis’s administration would be shadowy and contradictory.  We would not know what to expect.  And he would further denigrate the Republican name.  His being Albuquerque mayor will not be helpful to genuine Republicans.  He has chosen to be a Rino.  He should be treated as such.

That said, it is important we become aware of the number of Progressive and progressive-affiliated organizations in New Mexico.  You can be sure the next Mayor will pander to them.  To know the names of these organizations will make us aware of those who advocate omnipotent government and the enemy they hold within: collectivism.

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