Immigration: Free Will and Free Borders

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Immigration

How today's widespread acceptance of determinism has made many people suspicious of immigration.

Philosophy is often disparaged as an ivory tower pursuit that makes no difference in the real world. But if you know how to look, you can see its influence everywhere. This talk by Yaron Brook, executive chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute, explores how today’s widespread acceptance of determinism has made many people suspicious of immigration. In contrast, the controversial positions that ARI takes on immigration reflect its philosophical understanding of free will.

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  1. You already know what we think about free borders, we are against them, particularly for Muslims.

  2. I think the big problem for Conservatives is if they don’t have the immigration issue then what do they have?

    They’ve lost so completely on every single issue and on every single level that even when Republicans dominate the elected offices, the state just grows.

    Playing the ol’ tried and tested, populist, blame the immigrants for all our problems schtick, is the last card Conservatives have to play.

  3. And it worked too!!!!

  4. Depends by what you mean “worked”.

    It got a bunch of Republicans elected and got a Republican into the White House but so what?

    None of these people have the ideological coherence to fight for limited government or capitalism. Many of them don’t even support these things (e.g. Steve Bannon).

    The state is going to keep growing under these Republicans. So may as well have just left Obama and the Democrats in office.

  5. Global Warming, Crime, Healthcare, off the top of my head to start.

  6. Supremacist ideology has already invaded and is operating in Main stream media.

  7. Everything Brook says about immigration into the US should apply equally to Israel. For some reason he doesn’t.

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Dr. Brook is the president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute.


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