Why Regressive Leftists Cry Racism

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Racism

Individualism is the only alternative to racism. Anyone who claims to abhor racism while still embracing the victim-soaked, collectivistic rule-by-force mentality of socialistic progressive leftism enjoys no credibility at all.

Why the fixation on racism from the left? What does racism have to with your positions on taxation, trade policy, immigration policy, socialized medicine or just about anything else?

A racist is someone who elevates race as the most important factor in human affairs. When operating in the realm of government and politics, a racist wants to use government agencies, laws or the general rule of force to impose rights and standards according to race.

I am not aware of Donald Trump proposing anything like this. I’m not saying I always agree with Donald Trump. But if he were an advocate of racism, as in violating the individual rights of people based on their race, I would not want him anywhere near the White House. The people claiming he is a KKK-style/white supremacy racist seem unwilling to listen to him, or to read anything he has said in his books, his website and speeches (all of which I have reviewed). Why not? Basically, the answer is: “Why would I want to waste my time reading or listening to the words of a racist?” Circular logic.

It’s noteworthy that this doesn’t only happen with Donald Trump. It would have happened with a President Mitt Romney, or a President John McCain. It happened all the time with President George W. Bush, who was called a racist and a Nazi on a daily basis. Those of us who are not leftie progressives — whether we’re conservative, libertarian, alt-right or anything else — are used to being called racist to the point where it doesn’t even register. The pattern appears to be that if you’re not a leftie progressive supporter of activist government, socialized medicine, higher/wealth-spreading taxation, global warming, federal control of the Internet, federal control of education, federal control of election content, subsidization of agriculture and so many other things, then you’re a racist. How? No explanation is given, because none is seen as necessary. It’s an attempt to intimidate that simply does not work, because the stung has worn off due to the self-refuting, now threadbare absurdity of misusing the term “racist.”

Why are leftists so invested in spreading the idea that any and all dissenters are racist? Because their whole ideology, policy proposals and general attitude are based on the idea of victimization. Leftism and socialism appeal to the chip on the shoulder that sadly exists in most people. If that chip on the shoulder could talk it would say something like, “I got a raw deal. Life isn’t fair. Somebody should make it fair for me.”

Democratic leftists don’t care about racism. Some of them might think they do, but they really don’t. If they really did, they would shout from the highest rooftop, “Individualism for all! Equal individual rights for all!” In practice, this would translate into things like keeping what you earn, private property rights, the right to defend yourself, and the right to speak your mind, so long as it’s on your own dollar, website, time or property — not imposed on another.

But the Democratic mindset does not care about individualism. It only cares about victimization. There’s some kind of unhealthy, twisted interest in appealing to that “chip on the shoulder” mentality, whether it’s deep inside oneself or looking to stoke it in others.

In my book about therapy, I wrote that a bad therapist — a bad helper — is someone who wants to convince you that you’re the product of your family, your genes, your gender, your race…anything at all other than your own choices. So much in life is a choice. The way you choose to look at yourself, at life and at others around you is the biggest choice of all. From what I observe, with particular intensity since this last election, is the depth of emotional investment leftist/progressive types have in the utter opposite of this paradigm. In their minds, we are all victims, especially if we belong to one of the favored victim groups they support and whose political power — as a group — they seek to impose at the expense of individual rights.

What leftists have learned is what most of us who live in the real world already grasped: that not everyone agrees. This rocks their universe; it makes them very anxious, very angry and at times more than a little crazy. The best thing they could do for themselves is to look into why it’s so important to them that everybody view themselves as a victim, and that government directly feed into this mindset by spending trillions and trillions into oblivion to try and keep that mindset going as we descend into fiscal and social ruin.

Individualism is the only alternative to racism. Anyone who claims to abhor racism while still embracing the victim-soaked, collectivistic rule-by-force mentality of socialistic progressive leftism enjoys no credibility at all. Shouting, crying and name-calling will not alter a thing.

Dr. Michael Hurd is a psychotherapist, columnist and author of "Bad Therapy, Good Therapy (And How to Tell the Difference)" and "Grow Up America!" Visit his website at: www.DrHurd.com.

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