Why So Many Politicians Are Crooks

by | Nov 5, 2016 | Elections

Who’s best equipped to rob from one group of people for the sake of the another? Career politicians, of course.

Why are so many politicians crooks? How did an obvious crook get to be the nominee for one of the country’s two major parties?

The answer is unbelievably obvious.

Think about it. We ask our politicians to provide almost unlimited goods and services. We don’t just want roads and armies. We want health insurance. We want K-12 education. We want food stamps. We want retirement income. We wanted college loans and now we want college tuition. We want cell phones. We want sports stadiums, we want, we want … it goes on and on. And we want it all to be excellent.

Unlimited goods and services cost money. But more than that, the provision of unlimited goods and services requires elected officials to make decisions we’d never make in the real world of daily life.

Most of us would not knock on our neighbor’s door and say something like, “I notice you have three cars. You only need two. Give me your third car so I can buy better health insurance, or send my kid to college. If you don’t, I’m calling the police.” It’s absurd, when you think about it that way. Yet this is precisely what we expect our elected leaders to do. Every single day!

In politics, just like anything else, we choose the people who are best at what we’re asking them to do. Who’s best equipped to rob from one group of people for the sake of the another? Career politicians, of course. Hillary Clinton is the career politician to end all career politicians. When you look up career politician in the dictionary, her picture is there. Does she lie, twist arms, make sinister deals, cheat, betray and even murder, if necessary, to get what she wants? Of course she does. Because when you ask your government to do things you’d never consider civilized in the daylight of real life, this is what you get: criminal personalities. Sociopaths in pantsuits with fake laughs and insincere clichés. But they’re still sociopaths. And they have to be. It’s the nature of what we’re telling them to do!

No one election will solve this problem. It’s not over this coming Wednesday. Until or unless we take a look at all the things we’re expecting our government to do, and how immoral and irrational those things really are — especially in any other situation — we won’t see the “change” politicians keep promising us.

Is Hillary Clinton crooked? The evidence is overwhelmingly obvious. But let’s not forget how she got where she is. In a society where the majority did not keep telling the government to do crooked things, we would not have a government so populated with crooked officials.

We are not victims. We created this mess by ignoring our Constitution and telling Congress and the President to make exceptions. Not just in the last few years, but for decades and generations now.

It has all caught up with us. Don’t blame that on Donald Trump or even on Hillary Clinton. We have created our own mess, and we have to be the generation that cleans it up. If we don’t, we’ll be the last generation of America that matters, because America will no longer matter.

Dr. Michael Hurd is a psychotherapist, columnist and author of "Bad Therapy, Good Therapy (And How to Tell the Difference)" and "Grow Up America!" Visit his website at: www.DrHurd.com.

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