The FBI’s “Investigation” of Hillary Clinton

by | Aug 10, 2015 | LAW

Clinton is a professional manipulator and deceiver, and many people applaud and admire her for it. Why do so many of us act surprised when she’s accused of criminal wrongdoing, since it’s merely an extension of what her whole career and life have been about?

The FBI has begun a criminal inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s email account and her use of the private server and other devices during her four years as secretary of state, according to news reports.

“It’s definitely a criminal probe,” a federal source told The New York Post on Wednesday. “I’m not sure why they’re not calling it a criminal probe.”

Translation: The FBI has to do its job, on the one hand. On the other hand, you cannot embarrass, harass or threaten the person who may one day (if President) control the entire FBI. So tread carefully. Imagine Hillary Clinton against you, eighteen months from now.

Let’s say you’re an honorable person working for the FBI. Would you feel excited about taking this risk?

The individual stressed that the Department of Justice and the FBI “can conduct civil investigations in very limited circumstances,” but that’s not what is occurring here.

“In this case, a security violation would lead to criminal charges,” the source told the Post. “Maybe DOJ is trying to protect her campaign.”

Translation: You think?

David Kendall, Clinton’s attorney, confirmed earlier Wednesday that the FBI was investigating the security of the devices on which Clinton’s private emails were stored during her tenure as the nation’s top diplomat.

“We are actively cooperating” with the probe, Kendall said in a statement.

Translation: “We’re going through the motions of cooperating, but heaven help anyone who challenges, questions, or in any remote way threatens the former First Lady and Secretary of State. There will be hell to pay.” [Source of quotes: Associated Press and, 8/6/15]

I’m not an apologist for, nor a fan of, most Republicans. However, we all know that a Republican in the same situation would already have been indicted by now.

It’s amazing how people are so afraid of politicians with Hillary Clinton’s views, while anyone on the other side never generates such fear.

America does not formally have a dictatorship, at least not one you can obviously see. Yet our government already proceeds as if we have one. The “Department of Justice” does not seem to be about justice — objectively defined — so much as protecting, or minimizing the criminal activities of, those who are most likely to acquire power.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton, as it stands, is the heir apparent to the presidency. Nothing in her own, or her husband’s, history suggests there will ever be any accountability for what she likely did illegally. Maybe that will finally change. If it does, it will be a first.

People think that money is the enemy. But money and wealth come about because of voluntary exchanges between or among parties. Aside from fraud, people exchange goods and services (via money) because they each benefit from the exchange.

Politicians like Hillary Clinton, with her State Department reportedly granting favors to Clinton Foundation donors, become millionaires not through honest achievement, but by the skillful (if you want to call it that) manipulation of other people via political power. Without power, they would not be anything. They could never have made an honest dollar; if they could, they would not be in the business of politics.

It’s interesting how those who are least concerned with liberty and individual rights are the ones given the most free passes when it comes to their own behavior. It’s the psychology of dictatorship, even if we do not literally have one yet. Dictatorships occur, in part, because mass numbers of people so wish to be taken care of by others, and give up on responsibility for their own lives and destinies, that they put up with all kinds of crude, hypocritical, unethical and even bloody actions on the part of their (often elected) rulers.

You might wonder how dictatorships throughout history came about, and why the people let them happen. But it’s no different with America. The more you tolerate and excuse people like Hillary Clinton for doing “whatever they have to do” in exchange for giving you the freebies, handouts, false sense of security, or whatever unnamed thing many are seeking from such power-hungry people, the more you surrender sovereignty over your own life, mind and destiny.

Hillary Clinton is Lady anti-Liberty. She stands for power over others. There’s no way to gain power over others without doing many illegal, ugly or even violent things along the way.

You’ll know the pressure is getting to her when she starts to accuse her detractors of sexism. That hasn’t happened yet, which suggests she isn’t really all that worried. But once she has reason to be (if she does), that’s what you’ll see.

Women of achievement and accomplishment should be offended when Hillary ultimately starts to play the gender card as a means of defense. Because this woman got where she is by the same means as any career politician — preying on the weakness, low self-respect and vulnerability of others. “You give me unlimited power … and I will take care of you.”

It’s ironic. Women were held back for centuries, denied individual rights to own property or participate in private business; they could understand, better than most, the terrible price of surrendering or losing your liberty for the sake of being “taken care of” by one with power over you. Yet that’s precisely the tradeoff that any power-hungry politician like Hillary Clinton demands.

The fact that she’s a woman, and might be the first woman president, does not make it enlightened — or new.

Hillary Clinton does not stand for liberty, individual rights, free enterprise or anything of the kind. She believes in an economy and a society where political pull, deceit and manipulation ultimately rule, rather than authentic competition, private property, self-responsibility and honest achievement.

Clinton is a professional manipulator and deceiver, and many people applaud and admire her for it. Why do so many of us act surprised when she’s accused of criminal wrongdoing, since it’s merely an extension of what her whole career and life have been about?

Dr. Michael Hurd is a psychotherapist, columnist and author of "Bad Therapy, Good Therapy (And How to Tell the Difference)" and "Grow Up America!" Visit his website at:

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