Iran: Obama’s New Best Friend

by | Nov 24, 2013 | Foreign Policy

Obama and John  Kerry have “struck a deal” with Iran. We’re now supposed to breathe easier. Because of this deal, we’re told, Iran will no longer be building nuclear weapons in order to destabilize the Middle East (translation: our oil supply) any more than it already is. Think about what it means to “strike a […]

Obama and John  Kerry have “struck a deal” with Iran.

We’re now supposed to breathe easier. Because of this deal, we’re told, Iran will no longer be building nuclear weapons in order to destabilize the Middle East (translation: our oil supply) any more than it already is.

Think about what it means to “strike a deal” with a criminal. Sure, courts and judges strike deals with criminals all the time. But these are only after the criminals are apprehended and facing jail time. In other words, future and potential victims are safe from the criminals.

Iran is a more dangerous criminal than any our domestic legal system ever apprehends.
For three decades, they have openly declared war on the United States. Our own State Department, through administrations of both parties, has established Iran as the # 1 sponsor of world terrorism.

Whether 9/11 can be directly tied to the Iranian government or not, their government of religious-fascist dictators openly applaud that attack on innocent civilians to this day.

If you don’t consider the Iranian government an organized criminal mob, then I don’t know what qualifies as one.

We’re expected to evade and ignore all of this, and much more, to take time to applaud our brilliant leaders in executing a “deal” with these criminals.

Here’s what Iran stands to gain from this deal (source: Thomson/Reuters newswire 11/24/13):

 Potential access to $1.5 billion in revenue from trade in gold and precious metals and the suspension of some sanctions on Iran’s auto sector, and its petrochemical exports; Allow purchases of Iranian oil to remain at their currently significantly reduced levels. “$4.2 billion from these sales will be allowed to be transferred in installments if, and as, Iran fulfils its commitments,” according to an Obama administration fact sheet; License safety-related repairs and inspections inside Iran for certain Iranian airlines.

In other words, we’re not merely making a deal with these openly criminal, proud advocates of violence against all things Western, free and non-Islamic. We’re bribing them to please, please not hurt us.

Free and prosperous nations have made this mistake before. The most glaring example was appeasement of Hitler and the Nazis prior to World War II. The more we made agreements with such violently ambitious criminals, the more they broke them. Nazis, and others, have used such deals to buy themselves time and moral credibility with people foolish enough to think, “So long as we’re talking about peace, that means we’ll have it.”

It’s true that Iran is not a military force with a standing army akin to Hitler’s Nazi military in the buildup prior to World War II. However, Iran is very effective and determined when supporting terrorism against the United States throughout the world. Does anyone think that this Kerry-Obama deal will even make a dent in terrorist activities actively fostered by regimes such as Iran?

Deals and negotiations are for parties who have rational interests. They’re for individuals whose word means something. While law enforcement officials will sometimes make deals with bank robbers or kidnappers in the midst of hostage situations, nobody expects the hostage takers to keep their word. Nor would anyone expect the law enforcement officials to keep their word. It’s merely a ploy to buy some time and attempt to save innocent victims.

Obama’s peacemaking with Iran will not save any lives. It will only buy time for the criminals and the terrorists who run that nation’s organized gangs. It also shows the world how morally and psychologically weak America is. Most Americans could not care less what kind of deal Obama makes with any nation. They’re indifferent to or cynical about their government, because they feel it doesn’t matter to them in any way. They take their freedom for granted, not to mention their oil at the gas pump, failing to focus on the fact that what goes on in the Middle East will have huge implications for what happens in their daily lives. If Iran blows up Israel, in an instant life in the United States could change, as well.

Israel, a Western and democratic country much more like the United States than Iran, is much more in contact with the potential threat of Iran. So is its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu has denounced the agreement as “a bad deal” that Israel does not regard itself as bound by. Good for him. Netanyahu is a far better man than America’s current President. He recognizes both the immorality and impracticality of negotiating with openly violent thugs.

Apologists for Obama and Kerry claim that Iran now has a “moderate” President. What does it mean to be a “moderate” in a society and government openly at war with your entire civilization, including your freedom? Does moderation mean wishing to kill just a few million instead of ten million? To launch terrorist attacks against three cities instead of five? Nobody ever defines “moderate” in this context, which should give you a clue right there to the actual motives of those seeking to do business with terrorists.

Obama was very explicit when he ran for office, and when he first entered office. He could not have made it clearer that he believes the United States is responsible for most, if not all, of the evil that has gone on in the world. It should surprise nobody that he proudly strikes a deal with known violent criminals who hate the United States, even if in more “moderate” doses than before.

What surprises me is the fact that so many millions of Americans tolerate, or even endorse, this sellout of our Western, non-Islamic heritage of reason, science and individual rights.

Dr. Michael Hurd is a psychotherapist, columnist and author of "Bad Therapy, Good Therapy (And How to Tell the Difference)" and "Grow Up America!" Visit his website at:

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