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by | Sep 5, 2012

I recently saw a pro-Obama bumper sticker. It reads: “Obama Cares.” Oh, really? Cares about … what? Based on his actions, Obama cares about: 1) Raising income taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year. Never mind that people’s right to private property does not end at a certain income point. Never mind […]

I recently saw a pro-Obama bumper sticker. It reads: “Obama Cares.”

Oh, really? Cares about … what?

Based on his actions, Obama cares about:

1) Raising income taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year. Never mind that people’s right to private property does not end at a certain income point. Never mind that the vast majority of jobs and economic growth are created by those who produce more than $250,000 a year in wealth.

2) Raising capital gains taxes on everyone. Never mind that this tax is a penalizing redistribution of wealth, on the middle class as well as the wealthy. Government wants and government gets. When a smart person makes money on a real estate investment, it’s called “greed.” When government is greedy it’s called … “noble.” And there’s Obama, with his nose up in the air and just brimming with self-satisfied superiority.

3) Turning the practice of medicine over to a government board, a handful of politically connected people — not doctors, necessarily, but politically connected peddlers of pull.

4) Subsidizing companies who are his cronies, and refusing to subsidize companies who are not his cronies.

5) Providing moral stature to the Iranian dictatorship, and refusing to stop their efforts to build a nuclear bomb. In other words, refusing to do a thing to protect the survival of America’s only loyal ally in the Middle East, Israel. Israel is left to fend for itself with only a guess as to how the USA will respond when the time comes.

6) Nationalizing the production of energy and restricting the rights of Americans to purchase fuel on even a semi-free market — assuming he can get back full control of Congress and pass “cap and trade.”

7) Apologizing for everything America has ever done to advance its interests, defend its freedoms, and to advance civilization to heights never before seen in all of human history. Defending his wife’s comments implying that America has nothing to be proud of in its entire history, other than electing Obama as President in 2008.

8) Attacking what he calls the “failed philosophy” of self-interest, despite its contribution to making the United States the most successful civilization — by any standard — in human history. Attacking self-interest while spending 4 years acting like a narcissist snob who sees nothing of value other than in his own unearned or vastly exaggerated talents.

Sure, Obama “cares” about a lot of things. And they’re all destructive to the best within us, and the most productive among us.

It’s such a leftist sentiment to parade the concept “care” as an end in itself. The implication is that caring is always a good thing, regardless of what one cares about. What about Hitler’s care and concern for what he considered a superior race? And his concern for enacting the policies of the National Socialist Party? What about Stalin’s care and concern for what he considered the moral imperative of the state to slaughter millions in the name of political power? What about the “freedom fighters” who brought down America (if only for a day) on 9/11/01? They cared about what they considered the good of all people, to serve “Allah.”

If caring is always and automatically right, then what about them?

If caring is always right, then how are we to distinguish between the concerns of a liberty-loving patriot versus a brutal dictatorship? Each cares, each holds a value system, and each acts in accordance with a value system.

Is a value system always right, so long as it’s a value system? Or are some values rational and life-supporting, while other values are destructive and irrational?

Obama’s “caring” costs the productive sector of society a lot of money. It costs them trillions of dollars in taxes, and even more in debt for the future. It’s disgraceful and unjustified. But even if you can somehow rationalize it all, there’s no changing the fact that Obama did not contribute any of it (beyond whatever he pays in taxes). The most productive wealth-earners in society did contribute, and continue to do so. These are the ones he morally attacks and marginalizes on a daily basis.

Even if you like Obama’s views, you cannot alter the fact that his “caring” is on the backs of those who are forced to pay his bills. We all ride on the shoulders of the great discoverers, business risk-takers and entrepreneurial geniuses throughout history. Obama rides on their shoulders most of all, even as he beats them with a philosophical whip.

Obama is the most expensive parasite in all of human history. Trillions in debt on his watch, and countless more in taxes yet to come. Jobs that will go away, innovations that will never come into existence thanks to his dramatic expansion of government control over private business. Obama rides on the backs of the productive whom he exploits, loots and attacks. The greatest scandal is that his victims permit it, often without protest and sometimes (in the case of Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates) with their full support.

“Cares”? How incredibly arrogant and stupidly naive to assume that a redistributing, looting professional politician like Obama cares about anything other than neurotic power and praise. He cares the way a criminal “cares” for his schemes to manipulate and cheat others out of their lives. A criminal is morally superior, however, because with a criminal there’s at least no pretense.

In the mindset of our elite cultural establishment, it goes like this: If a leftist like Obama values something, it’s good. “He cares.” You cannot have too much government. Except for defense spending, there’s no limit or cap on the amount of spending government should do. Everything good that happens is the result of government. You didn’t build it, you didn’t create it — therefore, it’s not yours.

These are Obama’s values. He’s crystal clear about them. If you value anything different — well, according to his most ardent supporters, you had better get lost.

Dr. Michael Hurd is a psychotherapist, columnist and author of "Bad Therapy, Good Therapy (And How to Tell the Difference)" and "Grow Up America!" Visit his website at: www.DrHurd.com.

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