China's Warning: Trouble Ahead

by | Jul 26, 2011

In the movie “Titanic” — and most likely during the real-life event, as well — a top aide to the ship’s Captain spotted trouble ahead and shouted, “Iceberg!” The warning, as we all know, was not heeded in time. Consider this little covered story about a military incident near Taiwan as the contemporary equivalent of […]

In the movie “Titanic” — and most likely during the real-life event, as well — a top aide to the ship’s Captain spotted trouble ahead and shouted, “Iceberg!” The warning, as we all know, was not heeded in time.

Consider this little covered story about a military incident near Taiwan as the contemporary equivalent of trouble ahead for the USA.

On 7/26/11 The Washington Times reported: “Two Chinese warplanes intercepted an American spy plane over the tense Taiwan Strait last month in China’s most aggressive challenge to U.S. surveillance flights since a 2001 collision that touched off an international crisis.

According to defense officials, the intercept took place June 29. The two Chinese jets flew from a base in China to head off an Air Force U-2 spy plane over the dividing line in the 100-mile wide Taiwan Strait.”

The Obama Pentagon, of course, minimizes the whole incident. But the Pentagon, still filled with many capable and decent people is, unfortunately, also run by Barack Obama. This is a man overtly friendly towards military enemies of the United States, particularly ones run by Communist/fascist systems that he would prefer to impose on the United States, if only he could.

But as the American economy grows weaker, China is a growing military threat to the United States. To a peaceful country, the way to maintain peace is through strength. Strength requires not only military competence, which the United States still has, but also moral backbone to back it up. The U.S. is losing its moral backbone by the day. For one thing, under Obama’s administration, we turn our heads away from growing and present dangers everywhere. Israel, our only real ally in the oil-rich Middle East, gets thrown under the bus by Obama’s State Department on a daily basis. While Washington DC fiddles, Iran builds nuclear weapons they fully intend to use as blackmail against Israel, Western Europe and eventually the USA itself. In the meantime, America’s credit rating is collapsing, not because of Tea Party “extremism” (as Obama and the establishment liberal media claim), but because our nation has spent more than it can ever hope to pay back, and everyone knows it.

By any and all objective indicators, the USA is a nation in decline. The 9/11 terrorists sensed this a whole decade ago, but things have become much worse since then. Most of our daily lives remain unchanged, but there’s real trouble ahead for America as its government — including its sacrosanct entitlement programs — run out of money. Worse yet, the probable decline of our currency through the actions of the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve (to prop up unlimited government spending) could mean that our money runs out of value altogether. Do you want to live in a world where your $5,000 bank account can’t buy a Starbucks coffee? Government is leading us there.

None of this is lost on Chinese officials. China is a fascist (i.e. government managed) economy, but the USA has so weakened itself with its deficit spending, Big Government regulation, high taxation and national debt that China is actually gaining on the USA as both an economic and military superpower. They might already have surpassed us. This says nothing about the strength of fascism over freedom. It says everything about how far from freedom America has departed, gradually over decades and most significantly in the last several years of the Obama presidency.

If you were China, what would you do? China is an authoritarian — in some respects, still a totalitarian — nation. Some freedom has been allowed in the Chinese business sector for the good of “society” (meaning: the good of the government, and the one Party who runs it).

Freedom has not been permitted in the personal or political realms, and probably never will be in China. Increasingly, the USA operates on this same premise: “You’re allowed to do what Obama or Congress says you’re allowed to do.” That’s not a free country. It’s the government, not the people, which must always be on the defensive.

If you were China, you would want to spread your influence, if not your outright control, over the rest of the world — starting with the United States, because once you defeat them, you’ve got everything. You wouldn’t invade the USA; that’s costly and unnecessary. You’d recognize that those stupid Americans are burying their own graves, with their deficits and debts. More deeply than that, you’d realize that Americans care more about their entitlement programs and their government spending than they do about their country itself, including the things for which the country used to stand. What other conclusion would be reasonable for the Chinese to draw? So if you were China, you’d bide your time and make gestures, in the meantime, that indicate YOU know who’s in charge.

The Donald Trumps of the world would say much of what I’m saying, but conclude something different: That the answer is for the USA to become more like China. Match fascism with fascism, according to Trump’s mentality. That won’t work. Even if the United States could win at such a game, all you’d end up with is a fascist country, which restricts economic freedom and completely denies all other individual rights.

(We’ve got Obama and his ilk for that). What’s that worth?

The only way to fight fascism is with freedom. Freedom means returning the USA to a capitalist country, i.e., lowering all the taxes, massively and permanently reducing government spending, phasing out existing entitlement programs that are going to go bankrupt anyway — all the while preserving our freedom of speech and freedom of association, things routinely denied in China.

Now that would be strength.

It would lead to an even stronger military than we have now, because in a prosperous society people are happy and will support their military, not to mention that the funds (in a prosperous society) will be there for it. That’s how we won the Cold War, after all, thanks to a (sadly temporary) economic revival in the 1980s.

It says a lot that this little incident over the Taiwan Strait was hardly covered at all. Media outlets knew that it would only generate a yawn. In a nation that still cared about freedom, rather than endless government freebies financed by phony money, this would not have been the case.

China is watching, and for all the irrationality of the Chinese government they’re more rational at present than our own. That’s not reassuring.

Dr. Michael Hurd is a psychotherapist, columnist and author of "Bad Therapy, Good Therapy (And How to Tell the Difference)" and "Grow Up America!" Visit his website at:

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