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by | Mar 8, 2011

An email with photographs of pro-Islamic protesters in England displays the following signs and slogans of the protesters: “Freedom Go to Hell” Now that’s interesting. These pro-Iranian and pro-Islamic dictatorship protesters want freedom to do what they please. They want freedom not just to advocate and practice their religious beliefs, but also to prevent those […]

An email with photographs of pro-Islamic protesters in England displays the following signs and slogans of the protesters:

“Freedom Go to Hell”

Now that’s interesting. These pro-Iranian and pro-Islamic dictatorship protesters want freedom to do what they please. They want freedom not just to advocate and practice their religious beliefs, but also to prevent those with different (or no) religious beliefs from having any freedom at all. How can you condemn freedom so unequivocally while at the same time depending on it to do what you want? The protester should make his sign more honest. It should read: “Freedom for Me, Destruction for Anyone Who Disagrees With Me.”

“Europe: Take Some Lessons from 9/11” and: “Europe: You Will Pay, Your 9/11 Is On It’s Way!”

Back when George W. Bush was President, the United States got very little support from Europe for fighting what Bush perceived as a war against terrorism. The one exception was Great Britain, led by Tony Blair at that time — but Blair’s government and policies in this respect are long gone. Britain is now imploding from the collapse of its own century-old welfare state (take note of that America), and has no time or inclination to help the United States with anything. Both political parties in Britain face deadlock and permanent peril as the English come to terms with the fact that the freebies have dried up. Not that the United States, under the Obama Administration, would ever in a million years wage a war against Islam — a religion Obama wholeheartedly supports; or a war against terrorism — a word Obama will not allow his appointed officials to even use. These anti-European/pro-Islamic terrorists have got it all wrong. Most of Europe has always been on their side, and the U.S. government, at least right now, is similarly on their side.

“Be Prepared for the REAL Holocaust”

The new Holocaust would not merely be against people who don’t believe in Islam. If a nuclear, biological or electronic attack succeeded against a major city — such as London, New York, or Los Angeles — the victims will be people of all nationalities and faiths, including but not limited to Islam. This was the case at the World Trade Center on 9/11/01, and it will be the case in any future attack. This is a self-evident point, and people who carry signs like this surely understand it. The suicidal nature of their religion — their so-called “religion of peace” — is unmasked by their indifference not only to life on earth and the lives of those who disagree with them, but to the lives of their very own selves. They relish martyrdom. It’s not “martyrdom” so much as sadism and masochism on a scale no psychiatrist or psychotherapist ever heard of, nor will ever encounter. Islam represents sheer madness in its purest, most undiluted form. It’s interesting how in Western nations, such as the United States, these protesters’ apologists are to be found among the most “liberal” and socialist, on the left. You would have expected the largely religiously oriented right to be fundamentalist Islam’s apologists, not the “liberal” agnostics and atheists of the left. What does this say about the mentality of these liberals? Are they sadistic and masochistic, too?

“Slay Those Who Insult Islam”

Why so sensitive, dear Muslim radicals? You claim that an all-knowing and all-powerful force — “Allah” — is on your side. Why are you so threatened by any hint of even perceived disagreement or lack of faith by the infidels? Isn’t your god figure more powerful than that? Doesn’t your god figure, and his believers here on earth, have far more important things to worry about than whether a cartoon published in a still-free country implies a mockery or disagreement with Islam? Get a life — or more precisely, get an eternal life. You claim to already have one. Why don’t you get on your way, and give the rest of us who value life on earth a chance to be left alone? If it’s eternal life you want, then go for it. Kill yourselves now. We surely don’t want to stop you.

“Europe is the Cancer, Islam is the Answer”

Rationality, freedom, individual rights, capitalism, and Western civilization have cancer — and its name is Islam. Islam isn’t actually important enough to be a powerful disease like cancer. Rationality and freedom are in the process of attempting suicide, and Islam is simply a convenient weapon for ending Western civilization as we have known it.

Islam is not smart nor in any remote sense intellectual; but it’s actually more right than its victims. Islam names the fundamental issues for what they are: Reason versus faith and mysticism; freedom and individual rights versus a totalitarian state run by Islamic law; capitalism versus the material horror of returning to the Middle Ages, a state of existence that Islam’s most fervent apologists cannot imagine.

Islam and its leaders grasp that this is the battle. They pick the wrong side, but at least they know what the battle is. The liberals, Obama pacifists and socialist academics in the West refuse to pick a side, and think in so doing they’re pursuing a safer and more sophisticated course. They’re doing neither.

“Exterminate Those Who Slander Islam”

What about those advocates of Islam who survive? Religions are famous for feuds within their own ranks. Within Islam, as within all religions, those feuds are known to exist today. Will those disappear just because all non-Muslims are exterminated? What kind of world will it be when only people who believe in pre-Medieval supernaturalism are allowed to live? What will happen to the subways, the bridges, the roads, the crops, prescription drugs, the hospitals, the advanced medical care, Internet connectivity, satellite technology, air traffic, the means of daily transportation, the cheap and comfortable clothing produced by secular Western civilization, smart phones, medical care for your pets, sophisticated choices for food — where will it all go? Who will produce and maintain life as we know it, to say nothing of continuing its advances? A world like the one we have is easy enough to destroy. But what’s left, and how happy will these rotten, filthy, impoverished and sick Islamic militants be in such a state, with everyone else gone — as is their dream?

“Islam Will Dominate the World”

Islam is a nihilistic force. This means it’s a negation of values, not the creation or maintenance of anything other than rage and madness.

It’s an unflinching, principled negation of all that has been good about human existence to date. All religion springs from the same supernatural irrationalism, but Islam is the ultimate and complete triumph of the irrational. History proves the impotence of negation. The Roman Empire did not collapse because of the Turkish barbarians who invaded Rome. The barbarians found invasion easy because the empire had already fiscally and morally collapsed from within. The United States and Western Europe are superior civilizations, both morally and fiscally, to what the Roman Empire had ever been. But the principles underlying the destruction of both are the same.

Man, at his best, cannot lose to the moral mutants behind a cult like Islam. Mankind can only lose if it gives up on itself. This is the weakness that Islam is exploiting.

Dr. Michael Hurd is a psychotherapist, columnist and author of "Bad Therapy, Good Therapy (And How to Tell the Difference)" and "Grow Up America!" Visit his website at:

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