The Government of Israel deserves moral condemnation for its overall response to Hezbollah.

The primary purpose and moral obligation of any legitimate government is to protect the lives and rights of its own citizens. Hezbollah, a military wing of the Islamic dictatorship of Iran, had been explicit in its desire to destroy Israel and had been preparing to do so for the last several years from inside Lebanon, but Israel’s government did virtually nothing to pre-empt the recent attack.

When Hezbollah attacked, Israel significantly dampened its response in order to minimize the killing of “Lebanese civilians,” thereby allowing many Hezbollah terrorists to live and kill Israelis. It was immoral for Israel’s government to sacrifice a single Israeli soldier or civilian to save the lives of those Lebanese civilians who chose to remain in a region occupied years earlier by a terrorist organization.

The United Nations has proven for decades to be one of Israel’s worst enemies, always tying Israel’s hands so that its neighbors can murder Israelis. The UN’s latest ceasefire proposal serves to tie Israel’s hands so that Hezbollah can claim victory and prepare for a much bigger attack on Israel with Iran’s help. That Israel’s government accepted the UN proposal–which doesn’t even involve punishing Iran for starting the war–is morally obscene. How much death and destruction will needlessly occur until people realize that appeasement of evil promotes evil?

Israel’s government is not only imperiling its present and future citizens, it’s destroying the noble legacy of all those who risked and gave their lives to create and preserve an oasis of freedom and prosperity called Israel in a desert of despotism.

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Glenn Woiceshyn

Glenn Woiceshyn is a freelance writer, residing in Canada.

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