Responsibility for the death of four United Nations observers in Lebanon falls primarily on Kofi Annan and the UN–not Israel. Leaving aside the obvious question as to why these observers remained in the middle of a battle area, a totally irresponsible decision, the UN has effectively been a major ally of Islamic terrorism and the dictatorial regimes that sponsor it.

During the so-called “Middle East Peace Talks,” Palestinian terrorists–funded and armed by Iran et al–were relentlessly murdering Israeli citizens while Israel was pressured by the UN to negotiate and compromise with terrorist leaders, an insane policy of appeasement. The UN has consistently opposed military action against Iran–the premier backer of Islamic terrorists, including Hezbollah. The UN had neglected to implement its resolution, 1559, to disarm Hezbollah, thereby allowing Hezbollah to receive, with Syria’s assistance, Iranian weapons and training under the watchful eye of UN observers.

Kofi Annan’s predictable reaction to Hezbollah’s vicious attack on Israel was to call for an immediate ceasefire, which would allow Hezbollah to get away with murder, remain strong, and prepare for more murder with Iran’s help. One can only surmise that Annan’s hysterical accusation that Israel intentionally bombed the UN post was a desperate attempt to escape blame.

Cartoon by Cox and Forum

Israel has a moral right to eliminate the Hezbollah threat at minimum cost to Israeli citizens and soldiers. And if Israel inadvertently kills innocent observers and civilians in Lebanon, then the UN deserves primary blame for effectively being an ally of Islamic terrorism and the dictatorships that sponsor it. The fact that UN voting members include brutal dictatorships, some of which sponsor terrorism, renders the UN an inherently destructive organization.

While the mainstream media focuses on bombarding us with emotion-grabbing scenes of the war’s effects on Lebanese citizens, we must stay focused on who caused the crisis. Instead of calling for a “diplomatic solution”–a euphemism for appeasement–we should be calling for the military elimination of Iran’s dictatorial regime and the dissolution of the UN.

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Glenn Woiceshyn

Glenn Woiceshyn is a freelance writer, residing in Canada.

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