Responsibility for the tragic deaths of scores of Lebanese women and children in Qana, Lebanon falls primarily on Hezbollah and its backers, Syria and Iran, not on Israel. To initiate a war against Israel and then use children as shields is so evil and disgusting that the most horrific punishment conceivable is too good for such monsters.

Cartoons by Cox and Forum

If a terrorist organization occupies one’s country, then one is responsible for either working to eliminate it or leaving. In the case of children, the parents are responsible for their evacuation. If the terrorist organization then attacks a neighboring country, it thereby signs the death sentence of any remaining civilians. The attacked country has a moral right and obligation to militarily reduce the enemy to impotence as quickly as possible at minimum cost to its own citizens.

Any cease-fire serves only to embolden and strengthen the terrorists and their sponsors, and thereby will cause many more innocent deaths in the future. If Israel is guilty of anything, it’s guilty of not using all of its military might–in the name of saving innocent lives–to swiftly annihilate the Hezbollah threat in Lebanon. History demonstrates that this is the only road to peace, especially when confronted by bloodthirsty killers.

The fact that many Western leaders and commentators are focused on chastising Israel and calling for an immediate cease-fire indicates a widespread epidemic of intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

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Glenn Woiceshyn

Glenn Woiceshyn is a freelance writer, residing in Canada.

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