The U.S. in Wonderland: A Place Where Enemies Become Allies

by | Oct 5, 2001 | POLITICS

The first round in the new war against terrorism has been lost. The “leak” of an announcement that the US favors a Palestinian state will correctly be interpreted by Arabs as proof that terrorism works. Just how strange is it that the three most obvious allies of the United States have been pushed to the […]

The first round in the new war against terrorism has been lost. The “leak” of an announcement that the US favors a Palestinian state will correctly be interpreted by Arabs as proof that terrorism works.

Just how strange is it that the three most obvious allies of the United States have been pushed to the sidelines of the Bush administration’s grand coalition to fight terrorism, while those who have funded and supported terrorism are being embraced as the ones to fight it?

I refer, of course, to the exclusion of Israel, India, and Turkey.

The Israelis were ruled out of the fight by none other than Pakistan, home to the schools where the Taliban learned the ABCs of Islamic hatred of the West. The perverted slander that the US was attacked because of its support for Israel ignores the fact that Yassir Arafat is the dean of all terrorists everywhere. This was the man who fled negotiations with a former Israeli premier who was prepared to give him just about everything he wanted.

On September 11th, Arafat’s government controlled newspaper, Al Hayat al Jadida, declared “The suicide bombers of today are the noble successors of the Lebanese suicide bombers who taught the US Marines a tough lesson” referring back to an attack in the 1980’s. The Terror Tuesday attack had been planned for years and would have occurred whether or not the Palestinian demands had been or will be met.

India, also excluded from lending aid, has been subject since its independence to acts of war from Pakistan and is home to a huge Moslem minority that poses an internal threat. In 1999, Osama bin Laden called for a jihad against India and the United States. He declared, “India and America are our biggest enemies.” Last week, Islamic terrorists attacked the state legislature in India’s Jammu-Kashmir district. Thirty people died. Pakistan has supported the Islamic separatist effort for years.

Then there is modern Turkey, a member of NATO and a Moslem nation whose founders wisely separated secular from spiritual control, so that it conducts its affairs without the crazed perceptions of imams.

Osama bin Laden is such a total psychopath that last week he said, not only was he not involved in the September 11th attack, but that it was really the work of Jews! In an interview that appeared in Karachi’s daily newspaper, Ummat, bin Laden said it was probably a plot by members of Florida’s Jewish community unhappy with Bush’s election. You have to be seriously demented to come up with that explanation.

This is what escapes Americans. By any definition, we are dealing with millions of Arabs who have no sense of reality whatever and a religion that sanctions the most horrific acts of war. I do not care how many denials you hear—do not be deceived. We have been engaged by Arabs in a holy war, and its intent is to impose Islam on the world in the fashion that Islam has always been extended, by the sword!

The insanity among our new coalition of Arab pals against terrorism is widespread, from Cairo to Karachi and in every other Moslem capital. No where will you find any acknowledgement that Moslems had anything to do with Terror Tuesday. Instead, Israel has been identified as the perpetrator of an act of war in which every known member is Moslem! Salim Abu Sultan, a Palestinian diplomat, was quoted in the Gulf News, published in the United Arab Emirates, as saying, “I can smell Israeli fingers behind this.”

The Israelis, who know more about fighting terrorism than anyone, have apparently not even been invited to share their knowledge with the US. Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Barry Rubin, the deputy director of the BESA Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University, referred to “the security issue that dare not speak its name. America is not under attack by tribes from the Amazon river, Eskimos, Polynesians, or Zulus. Everyone knows this fact, but even to mention it is to invite the most vicious personal attacks and name-calling.” For the record, “the terrorists attacks on the United States are being planned and implemented by Muslims from the Middle East, primarily Arabs.”

My friend, Dr. Eugene Narratt, warns against arming the Arab nations, noting that “President Bush has already asked Congress for waivers on the transfer and sale of advanced military technology to terror-supporting states like Iran, Syria, Pakistan and Indonesia for the ostensible purpose of including them in the fight against terror.” Just how crazed is this?

Both India and Turkey represent natural land bases for our troops to mass in the event of a major invasion of Iraq or any other terrorist nation, but there is no talk of this. Instead, the US frets over the Saudi Arabian denial of the use of our bases there for any military action against the nation that started the Gulf War in the 1991. It was and is the presence of US troops on “the sacred soil of the home of Islam’s two greatest mosques”, according to Osama bin Laden, that led to the September 11th attack.

As for Iraq, the only sensible thing President Bush should do is finish the job his father didn’t. The US has to go in and decapitate the leadership of that nation and run it in the same fashion we did with Japan after World War II. The United State has had troops in Europe since the end of World War II and in Korea since that conflict in the 1950’s. We have been in permanent occupation where it was necessary to protect against Communist threats. Now we can and should occupy Iraq as a base from which to literally threaten and drag the entire Middle East into the modern era. It will take a long time, but it will be worth it. (Editor’s Note: Of all the Middle Eastern countries the worst is Iran.)

Merely capturing or killing Osama bin Laden is not going to rid us of this Islamic war against the West. It is a war with a history that dates back 1,300 years. This is the war that will determine the fate of Western civilization for next thousand years.

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