The American Taliban is All Green

by | Oct 17, 2001

On September 11th, the Environmental News Service, {} one of the main sources of every bogus environmental claim, shed big crocodile tears about the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The event evoked a sudden realization by Jerry Kay, ENN’s general manager. As he was riding his bicycle to work, he concluded that […]

On September 11th, the Environmental News Service, {} one of the main sources of every bogus environmental claim, shed big crocodile tears about the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The event evoked a sudden realization by Jerry Kay, ENN’s general manager. As he was riding his bicycle to work, he concluded that “In no way do I do anything from an environmental standpoint that places me on a pedestal or gives me the right to preach to anyone.” The hubris of the Greens has allowed them to dictate to everyone just how we should conduct our lives for decades.

That is why we live with meaningless and costly mandates to separate our trash into paper, glass and plastic, paying a lot more for the increased costs of “managing” the waste. That is why Greens love higher prices for gasoline because they hate our use of automobiles, trucks, off-road vehicles, and, especially, SUVs. That is why the Green attack on “second-hand smoke” has deprived Americans of enjoying a cigarette, cigar or pipe, just about anywhere except the basement of their home. That is why you can’t build a home, an office building, a factory, a hospital or a school, without an “environmental” study. That is why Americans have been steadily deprived of pesticides, many used safely for decades, to protect us against the diseases spread by insect and rodent pests. That is why 1,400 farmers in the Klamath Valley have lost their livelihood to protect a damned suckerfish. That’s why millions of acres of our national forests burned this year because Greens won’t let them be managed through selective logging or to allow roads to be built into those forests. The list goes on and on because the Greens have been responsible for one third of every law and regulation in the Federal Register today.

But ENN’s Mr. Kay now thinks Greens don’t have a right to preach. This despite, while riding his bike, he thought it was “unconscionable that we would build homes that make us so dependent on cars to get to work or take our children to school.” As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!”

So, on September 11th, Mr. Kay invited comments from those who visit the ENN website for daily doses of conceit and deceit. Here are some samples from those who replied:

“Since our communities are not even being protected against pollution from these huge clusters of chemical plants, how will we be protected from any terrorist activities?” This idiot compares operating a chemical plant to stealing commercial airplanes and crashing them into buildings. Minus the chemical plants nothing she uses in the course of a single day would be available to her. Minus a brain, nothing I say will help her either.

“I agree with you that the true security threats to our country are environmental. I have five brothers, all of whom have too many cars, too many children, too many houses. But I love them with all my heart. They mean no harm; they just haven’t learned what I have about how a person’s lifestyle has global consequences.” While you are recovering from the notion that this idiot thinks his brothers have “too many children” and “too many houses”, and “too many cars”, one must wonder whether John from Vermont was using his computer in a cave and had it hooked up to a battery? The contempt for humans bringing more humans into the world and then housing them permeates all Green thought and agendas.

“I believe that our dependence on automobiles leads to a great amount of environmental degradation, human obesity, stress, and wasted time. Traveling by bicycle brings you closer to nature and gives the muscles in your body a change to work” says Todd from Colorado. Unfortunately, the only muscle not working in Todd is his brain.

“I agree with you, though, that these events, while they are tragic and absolute, cannot compete with the slow, steady destruction of our environment.” Darlene, a Canadian, should stay there and maybe hug a polar bear. Regrettably, she reflects the Green approach to everything that sublimates even the killing of thousands of people to the nebulous goal of saving the Earth. From whom? From human beings!

“Yes, we have a problem with education in how we try to reach others in doing their part to limit wastes, clean our air, clean our water, and all around make earth a better place to live. To mention this along with today’s events and chastise people for what they are not doing, especially at a time of such horror in our nation’s history is saddening. Saddening to a point that I begin to rethink my dedication to ENN and how I use your network.” Bravo Shad from Texas! There is hope yet that some of those brainwashed by passing through our educational system and its drumbeat of environmentalism have survived to begin to think for themselves.

Until Americans understand how Greens really think, they will never understand that they are united against everything that has made America great. They oppose our economic system-Capitalism-and they oppose virtually every aspect of the lifestyle it provides, i.e., our technologically marvelous automobiles, our homes filled with time and labor-saving devices, our extraordinary agricultural, ranching and fishing industries that put food on our plate every day, our timber industry that uses a totally renewable resource-wood-so that we can build new homes for our growing population, and just about everything else we identify as American.

This is the essential evil of environmentalism. Not that it doesn’t make sense to insure we have clean air, clean water, and restrict unnecessary emissions and the wastes generated by a modern society, but that they would run that society like a totalitarian government. The Greens, at heart, are despots, convinced of their righteousness, called to tell everyone how many children they should have, how many cars they can own, where they can live, what work they can pursue.

The Greens are the Taliban of America.

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