Net Neutrality vs. Internet Freedom

Google has no more right to demand that Verizon be “neutral” with its network than Verizon has a right to demand that Google be “neutral” with its coveted advertising space.

Celebrate The Virtues of Capitalism This Christmas

Christmas in America is an exuberant display of human ingenuity, capitalist productivity, and the enjoyment of life.

A Commercialized Christmas Carol

The material goods supporting you and your loved ones are created ultimately by self-interested capitalists applying science to life and profiting from it, a process magnified during Christmas.

Roy Moore Is Not Fit For Political Office

Insinuating that he thinks gays deserve to die and stating clearly and explicitly that he aims to enact a religious government disqualify Moore from political office.

Books: The Moral Case for Finance

The essential moral case for finance that Brook and Watkins present is that finance is good by the standard of human flourishing.

What Capitalism Is and What Capitalism Is Not (Part 1 of 2)

“Capitalism is an economic system based on the principle of every individual’s right to his own life, his own liberty and his own honestly acquired property. This private property includes his own mind and body, and the physical products that his mental and physical efforts have produced.”

Dealing With Bullies At Work

So how to deal with a workplace bully? The only effective way to do so is to apply appropriate moral principles: rationality, integrity and justice.

The Mystique of State Power

Governments and ideological movements, Rougier explained, wrap themselves in “mystiques” that serve as the rationales for claims to an ethical and legal right to rule.

Altruist Morality Equals Bad Economics

If we embraced the moral code of rational egoism, we would solve all of today’s economic problems … and reach unprecedented human prosperity and flourishing

How To Be a Better Boss

Their pragmatist mindset of “skip the philosophy; just give me the practical tips,” hinders them from becoming better managers.